Summer 2015

Jinggnag Ng

Class of 2017
Co-sponsored by Kellogg Institute of International Studies

Jinggang Jenny Ng

In the summer of 2015, I conducted research on entrepreneurship in Iceland, UK and Morocco over the course of four weeks, and participated in an internship with Deutsche Bank in New York City for the following eight weeks.

Through working at Deutsche Bank, I was able to develop business and analytical skills that I hope will aid me in achieving my goal of utilizing social entrepreneurship to shape education in the world. My research examined factors that affect how extrepreneural a country might be, such as collective or individualist cultures, educations and resources available. It was fascinating to see similarities in entrepreneurial cultures despite significant discrepancies in country culture and economic situations.

This opportunity not only allows me to explore my academic interest in economic and socio-cultural factors that are highly relevant in the area of international development, but also allows me to pursue my professional goals in business and social entrepreneurship. As such, both my research and internship experiences will allow me to further my dedication to the betterment of society, which is the goal of the Greater China Summer Enrichment Awards.