Summer 2017

Jiaying 'Joy' Qian

Joy Qian Photo

Class of 2019

Jiaying Qian, a junior business analytics major, participated in an intensive summer Portuguese language program and conducted her independent research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She completed all coursework in Portuguese and further studied the Brazilian culture and social issues. Her research examined the potential of Brazil’s bamboo industry to enhance sustainable development and Brazil-China relations.

“The GCS program granted me the opportunity to explore my academic interest and to develop my research skills. Beyond the summer grant, I always feel supported and inspired by the GCS faculty and my peers - I am truly grateful for the mentorship and friendship I experienced in this community.”

Xiangyu 'James' Dong

Xianyu Dong Photo

Class of 2020

Xiangyu Dong, a sophomore computer science major, worked closely as a research assistant with Professor Danny Chen and his group on their medical image segmentation project. He especially worked on image labeling and implementing a fully convolutional network to enable accurate image segmentation with very few training data.

“Having the opportunity to engage in advanced researches in computer science is valuable to an undergraduate student. The experience helps me discern my interest in deep learning, especially its application of image segmentation, within the many possibilities of computer science. It motivates me to explore the field of medical imaging and find ways to help doctors make better, quicker and more personal decisions with the methods of deep learning. ”

Yiran 'Eirn' Shang

Yiran Shang Photo

Class of 2020

Erin Shang is a Sophomore studying Finance and ACMS at Notre Dame. She initiated and completed an independent research during summer 2017, comparing and contrasting the governmental funding systems in US and China. Guided by Mendoza Professor Kristen Collett-Schmitt, her GCS faculty mentor, she evaluated the efficiency of respective systems and proposed plans for new policy implementation.

“This is an extremely valuable experience since I started the project from scratch, and gained lots of insight on how to design and implement my own research through leveraging all the resources I have. This experience also helped me find my passion in law and policy studies, and helped me connect with lots of experts and professionals in this field while interviewing them for my project. It also sparked lots of other interesting questions involving philanthropy motions and policy studies that I hope to explore in the future, and this motivates me to continue my intellectual exploration and to never stop learning.”