Research and Conferences

Research Funding

Notre Dame International is building, sustaining, and encouraging academic and research collaboration with leading universities in the Greater China region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This grant program is part of the University’s broader international strategy to engage Greater China by building upon existing academic partnerships and strengthening opportunities for research, scholarship, and graduate student training.

The Greater China Collaboration Grant is generously funded by alumni from the region, who aligned with Notre Dame International to promote the University’s research collaboration and impact in Greater China. Six faculty based in the Colleges of Science, Engineering, and Business have been awarded grants for research projects during the 2017-18 academic year.

Conferences, Workshops, Lectures, and Forums

Bgg Nd Bu ResidencyNotre Dame–Balkh University residency

The Beijing Global Gateway welcomes collaborations with Notre Dame departments and our partners all over the globe, such as co-organizing conferences, workshops, and seminars, or hosting lectures and social events. Learn about the Gateway’s facilities and submit a proposal form.

Conferences and Seminars

In August of 2017 the Beijing Global Gateway hosted faculty from Notre Dame and Balkh University (Afghanistan) under the leadership of the Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development. This USAID-funded project’s aim is to develop a master’s program in finance and accountancy for students at Balkh, and their residency in Beijing was the first of four in the program, which will run through 2018. Leading the curriculum are faculty from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

Additionally, on June 7, the Beijing Global Gateway hosted a panel discussion on intellectual property law organized by Anjie Law Firm, Peking University Law School and Notre Dame alumnus and adjunct law professor Mr. Jing He.

Bgg Faculty LecturesPanel discussion on intellectual property law.

Faculty Lectures

On September 1, 2017, the Beijing Global Gateway hosted a lecture by Professor Elizabeth Tuleja, a Fulbright Scholar based at Sichuan University, on the topic of intercultural management communication.

Bringing together the Notre Dame community

On July 1, 2017, the Beijing Global Gateway held its inaugural summer celebration and forum, co-hosted by the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies, which included more than 40 Notre Dame students from the Chinese intensive language program, China architecture program, IBM China Research internship, and the Global Professional Experience program for a gathering with Notre Dame alumni and parents. The event also included a panel discussion with Notre Dame faculty from the history and East Asian languages and cultures departments.

Bgg Nd CommunityIncoming students and their parents at the Notre Dame summer celebration