Academic Programmes

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programmes

The Dublin undergraduate programmes foster an atmosphere in which every Notre Dame student can flourish and reach their fullest intellectual potential. Since their inception in 1998, over 2,000 students have participated in our various undergraduate programmes. The Dublin Global Gateway welcomes students across all undergraduate disciplines. While in Dublin, students can study at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Dublin (UCD), while other specialist options are also available. Working with their advisers at Notre Dame and in the Dublin Global Gateway, students curate their timetables to best complement their programme curriculum. Read More

Dublin Summer Programme

The Dublin Summer Programme provides undergraduates with an intense summer immersion experience. Students live in Ireland for six weeks, studying Irish history and culture with a rotating group of Notre Dame professors. Additionally, Kevin Whelan, Director of the Dublin Global Gateway, teaches Irish history, and P. J. Mathews, professor of English at UCD, teaches an Irish literature class that satisfies the University literature requirement. An additional class is specifically designed for engineering students, and it is taught by a visiting professor from Notre Dame’s College of Engineering. Read more

Irish Internship Programme

Notre Dame’s Irish Internship Programme attracts highly qualified students to live and work in Dublin. These fully-funded internships place students in prestigious organisations across the full spectrum of Irish life, embracing the community sector, entrepreneurship, research laboratories, politics, business, education, social justice, STEM, sport, theatre and Irish culture. For two months, students are immersed in their host organisations, working alongside Irish employees and gaining valuable pragmatic experience. Read more

Community Based Learning

A strength of Notre Dame is our focus on holistic education and dedication to producing well-rounded, life-deepened graduates, imbued with a desire to use their gifts in the service of others. Study abroad offers growth in advancing our students’ perception of life outside of themselves. The Dublin Global Gateway is committed to expanding the frame of intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional reference of our participants. That is why Community Based Learning (CBL) is located so firmly at the heart of our educational mission here. Read more

The Irish Seminar

The Irish Seminar nurtures a cosmopolitan community of young scholars: the eighteenth-century Republic of Letters reconfigured for the 21st century. It provides an intellectual infrastructure for scholarly collaboration, balancing the theoretically rich with the empirically rigorous. The Seminar adopts a flexible pluralization of approaches, less constrained by the firmness of institutional boundaries and disciplinary consolidation. It is self-reflexive about professional and intellectual formation, while seeking to foster a supportive environment that develops the intellectual poise of emerging scholars. Read more