Affiliated Programmes

Affiliated Programs

The Dublin Global Gateway collaborates with several Notre Dame initiatives based in Ireland:

Notre Dame-Newman Center for Faith and Reason
Naughton Fellowships
Alliance for Catholic Education
House of Brigid
Notre Dame Club of Ireland
Ireland Gateway to Europe
Irish Rugby/Notre Dame Rugby Partnership

Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason

The organizing vision for the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason, under the directorship of Father William Dailey, C.S.C., is to foster a rigorous engagement of faith and culture. Through beautiful liturgy, inspiring preaching, lectures, and concerts, the Newman Centre intends to provide vital lenses for seeing all of human reality with clarity. We wish to build a community of informed and inquiring believers who seek truth, who are respectful of other opinions, and who want to integrate faith into their engagement with the world. We are guests sharing the journey of the Irish Church, not outside cartographers mapping that journey to change it. 

Our work consists of three main tracks: first, a robust liturgical life headed by Steve Warner, director of liturgy; second, lectures treating issues of faith and reason; and a calendar of musical events, featuring sacred music. The Centre highlights the importance of beauty in our faith tradition, enhanced by and enhancing our wonderful Church space, and building community through the arts.

The core community at Newman Centre is the assembly that attends liturgy Monday through Friday. Mass is held at 1:05pm each day, allowing people to come during their lunch break.

The Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason is intentionally international, as cosmopolitanism is a hallmark of the Catholic faith. While aspects of this work are being attempted in Chicago and London, a single Center dedicated to such sustained and wide-ranging conversations has not yet been established: with the resources that the Notre Dame family can bring to bear, we intend Dublin to become the pathfinder model in our era. Here, at the heart of one of the world’s most globalized and outward-looking cities, the presentation of the faith can benefit from an innovative engagement with the cutting edge of globalization. Rather than retreating or shrinking from this encounter with the modern, the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason actively embraces it.

Naughton Fellowships

Naughton Fellowships are available to exceptional students from Notre Dame STEM programmes at all stages of their academic careers. The Naughton Fellowship facilitates cross-cultural collaborative research between Notre Dame and leading Irish universities, enabling successful candidates to participate in science and engineering studies with cutting-edge professors on both sides of the Atlantic.

At the undergraduate level, students apply to a summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programme, which offers full tuition, living expenses, and a cultural enrichment programme to eight Notre Dame students. Seniors seeking to pursue a master’s degree may apply for a one-year fellowship, which also provides full tuition and a generous stipend, offering students the opportunity to obtain a degree from one of four universities in Ireland. The REU programme reciprocates with those universities, allowing an equivalent number of Irish students to earn a graduate degree through Notre Dame’s ESTEEM programme.

At the doctoral level, the Naughton Fellowship allows students to collaborate with co-advisors in their chosen field, with one based at Notre Dame and the other in Ireland. 

Alliance for Catholic Education

Founded in 1993 by Father Tim Scully, C.S.C. and Father Sean McGraw C.S.C., the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at Notre Dame develops a cadre of highly motivated and committed young educators to serve elementary and secondary schools. By training recent graduates, ACE serves disadvantaged Catholic primary and secondary schools throughout the USA. ACE provides an intensive two-year service experience encompassing three pillars: professional development, community life, and spiritual growth.

Since 2003, two Irish students have been selected annually to participate in the ACE Teaching Fellows programme. ACE Ireland seeks to enhance the character of Catholic education in Ireland and to have a lasting impact by championing Catholic schools.

Comprised of ACE alumni, Irish educators, and those passionate about Catholic education, ACE Ireland serves Catholic education by identifying, motivating, and developing leaders committed to the character of Irish Catholic schools; supporting the faith life of Irish educators in their teaching, community building, and spirituality; and building partnerships between educational leaders in the United States and Ireland through our respective experiences of Catholic education.

Our most recent initiative has seen ACE Ireland partner with four Irish schools (two elementary, two secondary) to support these schools in strengthening the Catholic culture of their schools over a two-year period. O’Connell House serves as a base for the ACE community in Ireland, hosting monthly fellowship masses and dinners.

House of Brigid

Founded in 2009, House of Brigid invites recent Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College graduates to live in an intentional missionary community in Ireland for one year. The community has principal responsibility for the liturgical planning and direction of the parish choir, as well as assisting with family liturgy groups and preparation for the sacraments.

Since 2009, House of Brigid has been based at Clonard parish in Wexford town, to support the Diocese of Ferns through musical, educational, and liturgical assistance. In 2014 an additional community was formed at Harold’s Cross Parish in Dublin. A community will also be attached to the Notre Dame Newman Centre for Faith and Reason beginning in 2017.

Notre Dame Club of Ireland

The Notre Dame Club of Ireland offers a connection for alumni, family, and friends of Notre Dame in Dublin. It supports and celebrates Notre Dame, and nourishes the unique connection between the University and Ireland. Whether you are a visitor, native, new arrival, or long-term expatriate, you are a part of our Notre Dame community in Ireland. The club is proud to support the Notre Dame connection with Ireland across the country, and is involved in many events and activities at the Dublin Global Gateway.

Ireland Gateway to Europe

Established in 2012, the Ireland Gateway to Europe is a not-for-profit collective of Irish service providers who showcase Ireland at international events as Europe's premier investment location. These leading Irish business people visited Notre Dame as part of their Chicago visit in 2014, and have partnered with us ever since. They run international events to give C-level decision makers all the information they need about expanding into the EU. The organisation is supported by the Irish government and state agencies, as well as by companies who already use Ireland as their European headquarters. The Dublin Global Gateway is the lead academic partner of Ireland Gateway to Europe and collaborates with them on many projects and events.

Irish Rugby /Notre Dame Rugby Partnership

The Irish Rugby Football Union and the University of Notre Dame have agreed to develop a groundbreaking partnership to promote rugby at Notre Dame, and consequently across the United States. The Union and the University will share knowledge and expertise and develop joint projects in player development, coaching and conditioning, sports medicine, and psychology. Notre Dame has one of the most successful and best-respected collegiate sports programs in the world and it has built an academic, sporting and commercial brand that resonates globally. This agreement will generate awareness of the Irish Rugby brand among the Irish-American community.

Rugby has been played at Notre Dame since the early 1960s and both the 15-a-side and Sevens variants of the sport are played by men and women. The men’s and women’s senior teams play at the highest level of collegiate rugby.

The Irish Rugby Football Union is the governing body for the sport in the entire island of Ireland where the success of both provincial and national teams has seen its popularity surge. The global status and aspirations of Irish Rugby are underscored by its bid to stage the 2023 Rugby World Cup.