Kevin Whelan

Academic Director

Kevin Whelan Director

Kevin Whelan has been the founding academic director of the Dublin Global Gateway since it opened in 1998. He received his doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 1981. One of Ireland’s best-known and most widely published scholars, Whelan has authored or edited over twenty books and more than one hundred articles on the country’s history, culture, and literature. In addition, he has lectured in almost twenty countries and at the Sorbonne, Cambridge, Oxford, Torino, Berkeley, Yale, Dartmouth, Louvain, among many others. Whelan has also served as an advisor to the Irish government on historical commemoration. During his tenure as the face of Notre Dame in Ireland, Whelan has taught over 3,000 Notre Dame undergraduates. From 1999 to 2011, he directed the annual Irish Seminar, the leading seminar in the field of Irish Studies. A native of County Wexford, he is the father of four children. His hobbies include hurling, poetry, book-collecting, and conversation.

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