Karis Ailabouni

Program Director, Jerusalem Global Gateway

Karis Ailabouni

Karis Ailabouni joined the Jerusalem Global Gateway as Program Director in January 2016. Ailabouni's primary role is to coordinate the undergraduate study abroad program and ensure student safety and well-being during their time in Israel/Palestine. Additionally, she supports student recruitment and organizes special events and visits related to the JGG. Ailabouni believes that study abroad is an essential aspect of undergraduate education, and is committed to implementing a transformative program that engages students deeply with the complexity of life in Jerusalem.

Ailabouni is a Palestinian American who was born and raised in Chicago. She earned a bachelor of arts in music, psychology, and French from Valparaiso University. Her passion for international travel and cross-cultural issues led her to live and work in different corners of the world, including France, Madagascar, and Israel/Palestine.

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