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London Undergraduate Program

The London Undergraduate Program (LUP) offers Notre Dame undergraduates the chance to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons by living and studying abroad in London for one semester.  Around 260 students participate in the LUP each year.

The 16-week program offers a variety of classes in history, literature, music, art history, politics, economics, finance, accountancy, philosophy, theology, and psychology, and around 35 internships in the fields of business, the arts and entertainment, public relations, politics, and more.

There are also a number of special opportunities within the LUP.  The core course Inside London provides students with an immersive experience into the political and cultural history of the city.  Through other courses, students also are able to perform on the stage of Shakespeare's Globe under the leadership of specialist practioners, and work with young people with disabilities at Drumbeat school.  Finally, students can apply to become a King's Scholar and take 2 classes at local university, King's College London.  This is a unique opportunity offered to a small cohort.

The majority of classes are taught in Fischer Hall by faculty from a wide range of British universities and colleges and visiting faculty from the home campus.  Outside of academia, many of our faculty members hold positions such as writers, musicians, and critics.

Students take part in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities, including field trips, plays and theatre tours, museum visits, and weekend outings across the U.K.

View the 2012 London Undergraduate Program video.

Visit the Notre Dame International Study Abroad London page.

View LUP and LSP Faculty Profiles.

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London Summer Program

The London Summer Program offers Notre Dame undergraduates the opportunity to study abroad for 6 weeks from May until June. Around 75 students participate each summer.

The program offers classes in history, literature, art history, politics, philosophy, and theology. All classes take place in Fischer Hall and are mainly taught by British faculty members.

Students on the London Summer Program have the opportunity to take part in academic and extracurricular outings and visits. They have 1 designated long-weekend for independent travel.

Visit the Notre Dame International Study Abroad Summer London page.

View LUP and LSP Faculty Profiles.

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Summer Engineering Program

The Summer Engineering Program gives undergraduates from the University of Notre Dame College of Engineering a chance to study and live in the city from which the Industrial Revolution stemmed, and which is now a pioneer of technological achievements.

Classes are held in Fischer Hall, and the course is run by 2 professors from the College of Engineering. Outside of the classroom, field trips to technological facilities and cultural outings are organized for students.

Visit the London Summer Engineering Program website.

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The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Summer London Program

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Notre Dame has collaborated with Imperial College London to host an engineering summer school in London.  Students take 2 courses (one laboratory based, and one on plant operations) under the direction of expert academics at Imperial College and Notre Dame faculty members.  A variety of cultural and sightseeing trips are also scheduled into the itinerary.
Visit the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering website.
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