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LUP students 2012, London Global Gateway

In keeping with Catholic tradition, we seek to create a community that honors the human dignity of each member and that is characterized by a love of truth, active care and concern for the common good, and service toward others.  Each of us shares responsibility for the creation of such a community.  The University’s standards of conduct reflect our commitment to this ideal.  Calling one another to accountability in the context of these standards is a necessary part of our common life.  Our conduct processes are designed to be grounded in student development and formation.
The director of student affairs, Judy Hutchinson, together with the residence life team will employ the same student conduct process as is utilized on campus, and will work together with the Office of Community Standards when addressing any reports of alleged misconduct.  In addition to alleged misconduct on University property, the University reserves the right to address any off-campus misconduct or violations of law.  

Residence Life Team

Life in London is about more than just going to class and seeing the sites.  The residence life team at the London Global Gateway - Josh Copeland (rector), Shannon McNaught (assistant rector), and Kevin Barnes (assistant rector) - are on hand to help and advise students, and to make their time in London memorable, engaging, and rewarding!  They encourage students to develop independence and learn to live cooperatively with others, but is always available to the students as a resource both within the Notre Dame community and London at large.

Student Support

Our student counsellor, Caryn Nuttall, is available for drop-in sessions for students who have worries or problems that they wish to discuss in a confidential environment.  Sessions take place weekly in Fischer Hall (room 3.03), on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Caryn also has a private practice, which is accessible through HTH health insurance.

Service Opportunities

Service to one's community is an important part of life at Notre Dame, and this is true in London as well. Our current service opportunities include serving the homeless through a local parish, prison visitation, working with young people and families in financial need, and assisting our local diocese with international aid projects. Other possibilities include tutoring and reading to young students, sports coaching, and supporting community arts and cultural organizations. If you have an interest in taking part in this vital component of life in London, please contact assistant rector Kevin Barnes, who coordinates our volunteering scheme.

Notre Dame London Student Council

The Notre Dame London Student Council is a student-run team that organizes local activities, events, and prayer services for Conway Hall residents in fall and spring semesters.  The council for fall 2015 are: Michael Carillo, Tommy Davis, Stephen DiScenna, Michael Fuela, Kristen Loehle, Jack Riedy, Lidya Teka, Jezamine Wee, and Nic Zenker.  The student campus ministry intern/sacristan is Brian Buechler.

Contact and Help

For more information about life at Conway Hall please contact Daliah Bond ( or view our London Undergraduate Programs Frequently Asked Questions.

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