Cultural Activities

The London Global Gateway strongly encourages students to take the time to meet the locals, and immerse themselves into London life, and there is plenty of opportunity to do so, either individually or with the support of the London Global Gateway.

Christianity in the North Trip

York Minster by Judy Hutchinson

With generous sponsorship from the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, the London Global Gateway is delighted to offer students a chance to deepen their awareness of Britain's rich Christian heritage with a weekend trip to the north of England.

Students learn about the origins of Christianity in Britain, the flourishing of medieval monastic life and its destruction at the Reformation. The group travels to the beautiful and remote island of Lindisfarne, home to St Cuthbert in the 7th century and origin of the world-famous Lindisfarne Gospels. They visit the city of Durham and its cathedral with the tombs of Cuthbert and St Bede; and York with its cathedral and a shrine to one of the few Catholic women martyred during the English Reformation, Margaret Clitherow. Both cities are world heritage sites and fascinate students for their stunning architecture and compelling histories.  They also visit the remarkable Fountains Abbey, one of the best preserved set of monastic ruins in England.  

Students are required to do some preparatory reading and produce a presentation on their return.

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Rector Outings

Every semester, the rectors organize and lead optional weekend outings in London and the U.K. for students interested in exploring beyond the city center.  Visits include Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, and Greenwich.  Students are free to spend the day as they wish, but the rectors can recommend sites and activities, and will be on hand in the area.  Details are communicated to students via email throughout the semester.  To find out more, take a look at the London Global Gateway student blog.

Pub Quiz

The "pub quiz", along with being a fun event that allows Notre Dame students to meet and socialize with other local students, is also a very British institution, and is an integral part of the culture.  Equally important to achieving the most correct answers and winning the prize, is coming up with a creative and clever team name (for which there is also a prize).  Teams are pre-assigned, so that students from Notre Dame have the opportunity to meet and strategize with their King’s College London counterparts, who will, most likely, be of great help in answering those questions that are more particularly British!  This event has proven to be popular each semester, often with a wait list of keen participants.

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Student Council Activities

The Notre Dame London Student Council meets weekly to propose and organize cultural activities in the city, to encourage exploration of topics such as history, art, customs, and traditions in London in a fun and friendly environment.  Previous activities have included visits to the Churchill War RoomsImperial War Museum, museum and gallery "lates", and the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race.

Alumni-Student Dinners

Every spring and fall semester, the London Global Gateway works with the Notre Dame Club of United Kingdom - London to organize dinners for students with Notre Dame alumni in London.  They are an excellent opportunity for students to network with Americans working in various different sectors of London.  They also allow students to meet people who have been in their situation and can offer advice, make recommendations, or swap stories.  Others simply enjoy the dinners for the wonderful (often home-cooked) food and the friendly company.
The dinners normally take place in the first half of the semester and there are various evenings to choose from, so that if any students have class outings, they may still be able attend.  Details of the dinners are communicated to students via email early in the semester.  To hear what previous student have to say, visit the London Global Gateway student blog.

Student Union Membership

Notre Dame students are able, and encouraged, to sign up for an associate membership to the student union of local university King's College London.  This grants them access to the student union sports clubs, activity groups and societies, libraries, bars, and more.  Learn more at the King's College London Student Union (KCLSU) website.

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