Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway is made up of two facilities that are academically and programmatically integrated. The research, teaching and learning facility in via Ostilia is located just two blocks away from the residential living-learning community, Notre Dame’s Villa on the Celio. Inaugurated in the fall of 2017, Notre Dame’s Villa on the Celio brings together undergraduate Notre Dame students from across the arts and sciences that have a shared interest in expanding their academic and cultural horizons through study abroad in Rome.

Central to the classical, medieval and modern history of Western Civilization and of the Catholic Church, Rome offers unparalleled educational and cultural opportunities for students engaged in study abroad. Rome is home to many major universities, national academies and international organizations. At the heart of the Mediterranean and the European Union, the Eternal City offers students unique opportunities to engage with history, arts, architecture and literature as well as contemporary social issues such as the economy in the EU context, immigration, interreligious relations and globalization.

Both the Via Ostilia building and the Villa on the Celio are located on the Celio Hill, one of the seven legendary hills of Rome. The Celio features the highest density of Christian basilicas and of surviving ancient Roman monuments in the city. It also has the highest percentage of publicly accessible green space in the historic center, including the lovely gardens of the Villa Celimontana, further up the hill from the Notre Dame residence. The Villa has a history as an educational facility: when Italy’s racial laws during fascism led to the eviction of Jewish children from the Italian Schools in 1938, the Jewish community of Rome used it as a school.

Rome Global Gateway Building 


The Rome Global Gateway is located in Via Ostilia—in the heart of the Eternal City—one block from the Colosseum. The newly renovated, 32,000 square-foot facility serves as a hub supporting the academic, educational, and cultural mission of the University. The Gateway fosters research and graduate education and develops and maintains institutional relations with universities, educational foundations, and organizations in Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean, as well as with the Holy See. The Gateway also hosts and organizes a rich variety of education abroad opportunities for students.

Notre Dame's Rome-based programs and classes, as well as events such as conferences, book launches, lecture series, and recitals, are held in this building.

Learn more about the facilities here, or download the Rome Global Gateway Brochure

The Villa


The mission of Notre Dame’s Villa on the Celio is to foster an academically, culturally and spiritually transformative study abroad experience for Notre Dame students in Rome. The Villa on the Celio living-learning community promotes student learning by establishing direct links between the residential, academic and co-curricular activities of study abroad students in Rome. A principle aim is to merge classroom learning with social and community interactions in and around the city of Rome. The goal of the residential living-learning community is to immerse students in the many cultural offerings that this diversely global city has to offer by making available to all members of the community a variety of academic and cultural programs and resources.

Learn more about the students' Villa here.