The Villa

Villa Front 2

Located on the Celio hill and completely renovated in 2017, the Villa boasts 21 bedrooms organized in suites with attached bathrooms and plenty of spaces for social activities. The building is also equipped with state-of-the-art air-conditioning and heating. The facilities are managed by Notre Dame staff, with a receptionist present 24/7. Access to the facilities is regulated by swipe cards and related personal code.


Sleeping areas are divided into nine suites; each suite is comprised of one or two bedrooms and a large, shared bathroom with multiple sinks, showers and toilets. Each floor is equipped with a handicapped accessible bathroom, located in one of the bathroom units. Each student is assigned a loft bed, complete with wardrobe with two drawers and a desk with two drawers and bookshelves.

Other shared areas include a large kitchen with attached pantry as well as indoor and outdoor dining; a laundry room with three washing machines, three dryers and one ironing station; and two main storage spaces for suitcases. 

Villa Loft 2   Villa Bathroom

Social Space

The Villa has several spaces available for social activities. The Student Activity Center (SAC), a gathering space with couches, tables and chairs, a tv and a kitchenette for heating food, is located in the annex, which also houses the rector’s apartment and a guest room. There is also a garden equipped with benches, flowerbeds, trees, and a small amphitheater; a roof top terrace with tables and chairs; and a formal reception area on the ground floor.

Villa Garden      Villa Rooftop