English as a Second Language (ESL) for International Spouses

ESL students

The English as a Second Language (ESL) for International Spouses Program at the University of Notre Dame was created to enrich the lives and improve the English levels of the spouses of international students, scholars, and post-doctoral researches. Experienced instructors teach conversational English, American culture, English grammar, and English literature. In the class, everyone has the chance to speak English and to ask questions. At break time, students have the opportunity to make friends from other countries.

ESL Class Levels

There are two ESL class levels: Developing and Expanding.

The Developing Level is for those with a beginning to intermediate knowledge of English. This level is for students who would like to expand their English vocabulary, improve writing and speaking skills, and work on accent reduction. This class uses interactive dialogue exercises to help build conversational fluency and a culture book to help new arrivals understand the American way of life.

The Expanding Level is for students who have a good command of the English language but would like to work toward expressive fluency and spontaneity on a wide range of topics. This class focuses on literature and vocabulary building. Students will also have the opportunity to do extensive creative writing for class assignments and publications.

ISSA does not offer classes for those who are just beginning to learn the English language. For those individuals, we recommend they visit the Robinson Community Learning Center, the South Bend Community School Corporation Adult Education Center, or The Language Company for English as a New Language (ENL) courses.

ESL Class Information

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Spring 2018 Class
     Schedule:  Wednesday, January 17 through Wednesday, May 2, 2018

     Day/Time:  Monday and Wednesday’s @ 9-11:00AM

     Location:   Lower level of the Sacred Heart Parish Center


International spouses of students, scholars, and faculty are welcome to participate in our ESL classes. You may join the class anytime in January by going to the Parish Center at 9:00AM on a class day and talking with the instructors.


The cost for the semester is $60.00. Please click HERE to pay by credit card. After you receive your payment confirmation, please email it to:  ISSA@nd.edu.


Questions? Contact ISSA@nd.edu.