International Ambassadors

Spring Banquet Group Pic 04 19 2017

“When I was a freshman, the International Ambassadors made me feel welcome at ND and gave me a vision of what my four years could look like. I wanted to be able to pass on the torch to others by becoming an IA. Through the experience, I have not only felt a deeper connection to the international community on campus but also developed my teamwork, mentoring and organizing skills.” - CJ (Caleb) Pine, Valedictorian, Class of 2017, Arabic and Peace Studies

International Ambassadors (IAs) are a select group of University of Notre Dame students, both international and American, undergraduate and graduate, who serve as ISSA's student leadership team.

IAs serve as peer mentors by assisting new international students with their academic, cultural and social adjustment to the United States and Notre Dame. 

IAs represent Notre Dame International by assisting with International Student Orientation and international programming. And provide invaluable feedback and guidance on issues related to international students. 

Meet our 2017-2018 International Ambassadors!


Yearly Activities with IA Participation and Leadership

This leadership position begins with an International Ambassador Banquet in April 2017 and continues through the following academic year. International Ambassadors:

  1. Attend monthly IA dinner meetings
  2. Participate in a three-day training retreat in August 
  3. Welcome new students at the two day International Student Orientation in August
  4. Serve on one of three committees: International Taste of South Bend @ND (Fall), Global Café (6 times a year), Student Safety Summits and Returnee Retreats (Fall/Spring). 
  5. Other activities include: assist with other ISSA events, like Family Friendship Program Kick-off dinner, new IA interviews, discussions with NDI Senior Leadership and welcoming international visitors to campus.

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