University Health Services Requirements

  • Enter your vaccinations at Online Student Health prior to mailing in your Medical History and Physical Report Form.
  • Complete the Medical History and Physical Report Form and return it to University Health Services (UHS) prior to leaving your home country. You may find the form at If you are unable to return the form prior to leaving your home country, bring it to International Student Orientation.
  • If you are unable to provide proof of required immunizations, you will need to have a blood test at International Student Orientation to determine your immune status.
  • Due to Indiana state law, all international students must complete a health and tuberculosis (TB) screening upon their arrival to campus. University Health Services (UHS) will provide this mandatory screening after Orientation; the specific date and time will be updated soon. If you are enrolled in the Aetna Student Health insurance plan, the health screening and required tests will be covered under the plan. If you are not enrolled in this plan, UHS will bill the cost of the tests to your student account.

Health Insurance

International students will automatically be enrolled in the Notre Dame health insurance plan, Aetna Student Health, unless they present proof of comparable coverage to Aetna and are permitted to waive out of the plan. Please refer to for more details regarding the 2017-2018 plan.

Please know that health insurance plans in the United States do not cover all medical expenses. Because some services, such as dental and eye examinations are not covered, you should take care of such needs before coming to the U.S. Other medical services may be paid in part by the insurance company, but you should be prepared to pay the balance.

Also, please note that health insurance for dependents is significantly more expensive than health insurance for students. If you plan to get health insurance for your spouse or children, please research insurance plans prior to your arrival in the U.S. For information about dependent insurance through Notre Dame’s Aetna Student Health plan, visit

J-1 Students: The University’s group insurance policy meets the minimum standards for a health insurance policy required to maintain your immigration status.

For more information regarding health requirements and insurance, please refer to University Health Services' website or contact University Health Services at 574-631-7497 or