Global Collaboration Initiative

The Global Collaboration Initiative grants are no longer active.


Under this program, grants between $10,000-$20,000 were awarded to fund initiatives in international research, scholarship and collaboration with major foreign universities and research organizations. The GCI was intended to enable the establishment or continuation of programs of research, scholarship and sustained international collaboration that make major contributions in any field of study. Awarded initiatives contributed to the internationalization of Notre Dame by elevating the University’s visibility in the international academic and research community.

Previously Funded Projects

Projects that have received GCI funding are listed under the following links:

Program Priorities

Proposals were evaluated according to the following criteria:

A.  Excellence. The proposed program of research, scholarship, and sustained collaboration must be of the highest quality. It is expected that the outcomes of this project will bring international recognition to the researcher(s) and the University. It is assumed that outcomes of the project will be significantly recognized as leading the discipline or field of study and contribute particularly to the international prominence of the University.

B.  Qualifications of Project Personnel. The committee will consider the ability of the researcher(s) to carry out the proposed project based on record and/or future promise.

C. Inter/Cross-disciplinarity.  Successful projects will reflect a range of scholarly interests and disciplines.

D. Use of Global Gateways.  Proposals involving significant use of the University’s Global Gateways in Dublin, Jerusalem, London, Rome, and Beijing are encouraged.

E.  Mission Fit. The project should reflect or strengthen the University’s Catholic character.