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Second round proposal submission deadline: April 15, 2018

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Full list of 2018-19 Grant Awardees

New Opportunity for Short-term Faculty-Student Collaborations Abroad

The Insider Project is a new framework for mobile, agile, and ad hoc study trips, seminars and research abroad. These initiatives are small, short-term, faculty-led student groups organized around faculty research agendas and site-specific opportunities for global education.

  • Participants: undergraduate students
  • Faculty member selects student participants
  • Easy grant application process for faculty members
  • Quick funding response

Gives faculty the opportunity to lead short-term non-credit bearing trips abroad that are usually one week in length and do not require a traditional teaching commitment.

  • Logistical support and projects determined by the faculty member’s current research and professional interests.
  • The project is funded initially by the Office of the Provost (2016-2019) and is administered via NDI.
  • For faculty leading student trips abroad, Notre Dame International provides health and safety resources.

Grant Description

Grants of approximately $10,000 - $15,000 will be awarded to 5 or 6 selected proposals each year.

  • There is a required 80/20 split with participating units, meaning that the Office of the Provost will provide 80%, while 20% of the total costs will be covered by the participating unit. The latter portion may, for example, be paid by the relevant dean’s office or an Institute; alternately, faculty research funds or other resources may be used.

The College of Science and the College of Arts and Letters have agreed to cover the 20% cost share requirement for proposals originating from their respective schools.

  • The student “commitment fee” is $300 and should be built into the proposal.

Program Purpose

Successful proposals will capitalize on the research and professional expertise of faculty currently engaged in international work. Study trips will ideally link to other educational goals by—for example—stimulating undergraduate research projects, senior theses, distinction papers, and independent work, or simply support students toward the completion of a major or minor.

The proposal should be designed to focus on sites where personal, on-site interaction is absolutely vital, e.g.:

  • international film festivals,
  • conferences,
  • libraries,
  • archaeological sites,
  • laboratories,
  • archives,
  • artistic and architectural installations,
  • performances and festivals, etc.

This program augments but does not replace traditional study abroad and should build upon existing language and culture programs. The ideal proposal will elicit local expertise and talent in a manner that allows for a reciprocal relationship with Notre Dame, e.g. return lectures, panels, or presentations on campus in South Bend. The successful proposal might also encourage cross-unit cooperation.  

Eligible Faculty Applicants

Full-time regular members of the Notre Dame faculty, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, research faculty, library faculty, and special professional faculty, are eligible to apply.

Previously Funded Project

Pilot Project Summer 2016: The Munich Film Festival (June 23-June 30)

Director: Dr. Ted Barron (Executive Director, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center; SPF, Film, Television, and Theater)

Duration: 7 days; 6 nights

Goals: expose advanced students in film studies to a premier film festival; meet with local experts (directors, producers, festival organizers); stimulate independent research and creative projects (student films); major acceleration; cultivate local experts for future ND visits (reciprocal international relationships); cultivate contacts for future internship placements; Munich cultural excursions supplemented.

Faculty compensation: $1.5K contribution to research account or salary supplement.

Budget: Per student cost (actual): $2,040; per student cost when covering faculty expenses: $2,800)

Feedback/Assessment: pre- and post-meetings; student reflection blogs; faculty report—all of which will assess the attainment of stated goals.

Sample Project Parameters

(Flexible;  based on pilot described above)

Duration: 4-7 days

Size: 4-5 students plus faculty mentor

Destinations: varies, limited only by State Department Guidelines

Per project cost projection: $15K. (80/20 split required)

  • Cost: per student upper limit: $2,500-$3,000; covers faculty expenses
  • Faculty compensation: $1.5 per week, either as contribution to research budget (preferred) or as a salary supplement

No course credit

Trip leader training (risk/health/safety) required by NDI. (approximately 1 hour)

Proposal Format - Easy Application

Each proposal should include the following items:

  1. Abstract of the proposed project (one paragraph).
  2. Brief Description of the proposed project (two-page maximum).
  3. Selection criteria (what criteria will you use to ensure a fair selection of student participants?)
  4. Budget and Budget Justification (one-page maximum). Budget must include airfare, visa fees (if applicable), housing, food, other on the ground expenses, transport, activity/entrance fees, international health insurance approx. $12 per week/per student.
  5. Current & Pending Budget Information (list other sources of funding and the status of other applications for this project)
  6. Short CV (two-page maximum, current) for each faculty member.  
  7. Endorsement by the Chair (brief note of endorsement).

Proposal Submission

All proposals submitted by one of the following two deadlines will be given full consideration:

  • First round submission deadline - January 15, 2018
  • Second round submission deadline - April 15, 2018

Completed proposals and all accompanying documents must be submitted online via Notre Dame International's submissions manager.

For questions, please contact:

Bill Donahue, Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures,