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General Resources

General Resources are resources or information that are applicable to the full NDI global network.  Provide any updates to currently published information and any new resources for this section to Suzanne Wilson - swilson7@nd.edu.


Mission Statement

Advance Notre Dame through international education, research, and engagement worldwide.

Vision Statement

Called by Notre Dame’s mission, ensure that we flourish as a global university.

Organizational Charts

Organizational charts are reviewed quarterly and adjusted as changes take effect, whichever comes first.

Public Facing NDI Charts:

These organizational charts can be used for both internal and external purposes.

Internal Facing NDI Charts:

These organizational charts should be used for internal NDI use only.




Public Facing Directory

Public information for all NDI employees can be found on the international.nd.edu/people web page. 

Internal Facing Directories

The Google sheets linked below are for internal use only. Do not share mobile numbers of colleagues without prior consent.

Updates can be sent to Suzanne Wilson.

NDI Global Calendar

Below is the link to the public view of the internal facing NDI Global Calendar. This calendar is a great reference for the national holidays across the global network and internal NDI events. Reach out to Allie Richthammer if you need to be officially added to the Google calendar. Once Allie provides the permission, you will be able to add and then access the calendar from your Google calendar view.

If you need to add or edit an event on the NDI Global Calendar reach out to:

International Partnership Registry

Notre Dame International encourages and supports collaboration with partner institutions around the world. Globally, the International Partnership Registry currently includes more than 120 agreements with partners on 6 continents. These agreements include institution-level general memoranda of understanding, exchange programs for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty, as well as partnerships that bring international students to Notre Dame for short term academic programs.

Please view the following webpages to see the list of agreements with each partner in the respective region:

If your Gateway/Center has entered into a partnership agreement with an international collaborator, and the agreement does not appear on the appropriate list, please share the information so that it can be included in the registry. 

International Partnership Registry form

For additional information or questions about international partnerships, please contact Catherine Wilson, Protocol, Stewardship, and Partnerships Program Director (cmccarre@nd.edu).