Diversity on Your Doorstep and Embracing the Unexpected: Travel in Europe with Andy Steves

Author: Emily Grassby


A big thanks to Andy Steves, founder of travel company WSA Europe, who last night gave a talk to LUP and law students about how to make good travel amazing travel.
Andy, who studied abroad on the Rome program in 2008 and grew up touring around the world to visit his travel guru father, Rick Steves, drew on his own experiences to demonstrate that traveling and living abroad is about more than just seeing the sites.


With the help of some amusing slides (including Santa Claus with a donkey), and personal anecdotes, the talk focused on learning from both good and bad experiences, appreciating cultural differences, and using them to broaden your mind and challenge your views, and getting involved with the locals.  The students were encouraged to venture out of the tourist areas, take a stab at the local language or accent, take part in the traditions and customs, try the local dish, and make connections through their hobbies both here in London and abroad.
The talk also touched on practical advice when traveling, including where to look for accommodation and transportation.
WSA Europe organizes guided weekend and longer break trips around Europe for American students, including visits to the Swiss Alps, Italy, and Berlin.  For more information go to the website.
Images ©University of Notre Dame London Global Gateway