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Course Registration

Notre Dame is renowned for its undergraduate education and is ranked among the top institutions in the U.S. Characteristic of the excellent and holistic education at Notre Dame are its core requirements that provide a valuable undergraduate experience through an interdisciplinary education. This means that all Notre Dame students take a set of courses across various departments, especially in the College of Arts and Letters, that constitute an integral part of the typical Notre Dame academic experience.

As a visiting international student, you are encouraged to take advantage of all the excellent courses offered at Notre Dame, especially those outside of your major. Taking courses that are required of Notre Dame undergraduate students of all majors is reflective of what it is truly like to get a Notre Dame education. This will give you a more holistic and true Notre Dame experience. To view course offerings and the academic calendar at Notre Dame, please visit the website of the Office of the Registrar.

More information regarding the course registration process will be available to you after admission to the program. If you have any questions or run into problems during the process, please contact your advisor at Notre Dame International: Lisa Shroyer at lshroyer@nd.edu.

Course Restrictions

  • Law classes are not available for undergraduate exchange/visiting students.
  • Graduate level courses (courses numbered 50000+) are not available to undergraduate exchange/visiting students.
  • Courses in the following disciplines within the College of Engineering are very limited for exchange/visiting students: Aero/Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering.
  • Courses in the Mendoza College of Business are not available unless you are a business major. Business majors are allowed to take a maximum of one course (3 credit hours) at Mendoza. You are encouraged to explore other courses outside of the business school that are relevant to your business education. For example, Economics is part of the College of Arts & Letters. You are allowed to enroll in ECON courses, if you meet the prerequisites. Other options may be found in the following departments: Statistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, etc.

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