Notre Dame’s campus features two dining halls (North Dining Hall and South Dining Hall) as well as several eateries and fast food chains such as Starbucks, Smashburger, Subway, and Taco Bell. If you are living on campus, you are automatically enrolled in the Gold Plan. If you are living off campus, a meal plan is not required; however, if you wish to purchase a meal plan, please visit this website.

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Exchange and visiting international students live both on and off campus. The University of Notre Dame has 30 residence halls, each with a very distinct character and community. There are also several apartment complexes off-campus that offer independent, apartment-style student housing off-campus.

Due to a shortage of on-campus accommodations at ND, exchange and visiting international students are not guaranteed on-campus housing, thus, some students will need to secure their own off-campus housing. During winter break, academic year students will have to move out of the dorms. For this reason, we highly encourage academic year students to search for off-campus housing, ensuring you still have accommodation during the break. You can explore options for off-campus housing by visiting the off-campus resources website at for local apartment and house listings, a roommate finder, message boards, and general information about living off-campus.

Please note: the University does not endorse private off-campus facilities. Students are encouraged to investigate potential landlords/complexes and to review potential leases thoroughly.

Even if you live off-campus, you will still be able to participate in dorm activities and can request to be “adopted” by a dorm to be included in their events.

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