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Peer Mentoring Program

What are Peer Mentors?

Peer Mentors are a group of undergraduate, degree-seeking students at Notre Dame who serve as a resource and point of contact for new visiting international students. The Peer Mentoring Program is a great way to receive support for your transition to ND and adjustment to life on campus and in the United States.

Benefits of Having a Mentor:

  • Begin your adventure at ND with greater confidence and self-assurance
  • Meet an experienced, current ND undergraduate student and profit from their expertise about life at ND
  • Get connected to useful campus resources, clubs, organizations, and events
  • Find out more about social, cultural, and academic life on campus
  • Make new friends!

If you are interested in having a mentor during your study abroad experience at Notre Dame, please contact lshroyer@nd.edu or sign up on the application portal after you have been admitted.

Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills that you can apply to your future career and educational endeavors
  • Engage in intercultural experiences and strengthen your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Meet students from all around the world
  • Letter of Reference for active mentors
  • Contribute to internationalizing and diversifying our community
  • Developing long lasting friendships with peers from all around the world
  • Optional early move-in available

Interested in applying to be a mentor?

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