Jasmine Bouche


From: Green Bay, WI

Major: Political Science and Peace Studies

Dorm: Pasquerilla East Hall

Clubs: pre-law society, greeND, she’s the first

About me: In my free time i love being active and spending time outside, whether that’s running, biking, or swimming. I love to read, drink coffee, and spend time with friends. I’m extremely interested in traveling and other cultures, and studied for a semester in Washington DC, as well as spent a summer in Spain. I plan to go to law school and pursue international law after my undergraduate degree.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: I enjoy going to football games in the fall, and love walking around the paths near the lake.

Bridget Brocksmith


From: Jackson Hole, WY

Major: Theology, Pre-Health

Dorm: Badin Hall

Clubs: Delight Ministries, Timmy Global Health and College Mentors for Kids

About me: I absolutely love the outdoors and spend most of my free time outside of school months skiing, hiking and climbing.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: My favorite places to be on campus are the lakes and exercising in the new Duncan Student Center!

Mairead Dillon

Mairead Dillon

From: Pearl River, NY

Major: ACMS

Dorm: Lewis

Clubs: Mercy Works, Math Club, Irish Club, Actuary Club, ND Right to Life

About me: I enjoy playing and listening to music, traveling, and learning new things.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Go to football games.

Michaela Echols

Mentor Michaela Echols

From: Saint Louis, MO

Major: Industrial Design

Dorm: Howard Hall (Go Ducks!)

Clubs: Voices of Faith, BSA, Diversity Counsil

About me: I love playing soccer, fashion, and the History Channel more than Kanye loves Kanye.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: One of my favorite things to do at ND is making friends, for the people you encounter here are unlike anywhere else. My absolute favorite thing about ND is all the ways that you can get involved in the school and South Bend community; you'll definitely find your niche and feel like you belong!


McKenna Knapp

Mckenna Knapp

From: Edina, MN

Major: Marketing

Dorm: Flaherty Hall

Clubs: Club Lacrosse, American Red Cross Club

About me: I love the color yellow, meeting new people, and love being spontaneous!

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Walking around campus and catching up with everyone right after a break!

Patrick McCabe

Patrick Mccabe Pic

From: Vienna, VA

Major: Political Science, Arabic

Dorm: Duncan Hall

Clubs: Model United Nations, Student Government Office of Community Engagement and Outreach

About me: Patrick is a sophomore interested in global affairs and politics. Growing up in the Dominican Republic and Panama, he found an interest for languages and travel and studied Arabic in Jordan and Morocco. Patrick enjoys playing basketball and soccer as well as sailing and scuba diving.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Geddes Hall, Center for Social Concerns.

Corey Miller

Corey Miller

From: Fort Wayne, IN

Major: Accounting & ACMS

Dorm: O'Neill Family Hall

Clubs: Actuarial Science Club, Iron Sharpens Iron, SIBC

About me: I am a rising junior hoping to be a future actuary. I love all things sports and play several in interhall and intramural leagues. I enjoy acting and being involved with theatre. I volunteer in the community and am a proud Christian. If you have interest in getting involved with anything related to volunteering or business, feel free to email me cmille37@nd.edu.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Watching future ACC player of the year TJ Gibbs and the rest of the basketball team annihilate all other teams that come into the Purcell Pavilion

Ricardo A. “Ricky” Rivera II

Mentor Ricardo A

From: Wadsworth, IL

Major: Finance and Political Science

Dorm: Off-campus

Clubs: Quizbowl, Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA), Latino Honors Society (LHS), Suenos sin Fronteras (Dreams without Borders)

About me: The son of a Salvadoran immigrant, I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago and feel a deep connection to the city, becoming a fan of the NFL’s Chicago Bears, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, and the MLB’s Chicago Cubs. Besides watching sports, I enjoy participating in trivia competitions, especially as a member of Notre Dame’s Quizbowl team, watching movies, and reading books, especially by Latin-American authors.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Legends Trivia with Friends

Rapha Roque

Mentor Rapha Roque

From: Manila, Philippines

Major: Business Analytics

Dorm: O'Neill Family Hall

Clubs: Filipino-American Student Organization, Asian American Association

About me: I'm a rising sophomore from the Mendoza College of Business. Although I am not a music major, I'm extremely passionate about music. I love covering songs I hear on the radio, composing my own music, or just simply listening to the tunes on my phone. There isn't a day that I don't involve myself with music of any kind, as that helps me get through the day with a smile. Other than that, I enjoy watching sports and playing video games with my friends!

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Not a lot of people know this, but I love going to the different chapels at Notre Dame. I don't necessarily go there to pray, but to play the piano. I'm extremely fascinated by the fact that all these pianos are unique in their own way, so I tend to get a different musical experience every time, even with playing the same piece.


Kara Shannon

Mentor Kara Shannon

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior, minor in Theology

Dorm: Breen-Phillips (Go babes!)

Clubs: Timmy Global Health, FAST, PLTL Program, Neuroscience Leadership Steering Committee

About me: I'm a rising senior and proud Breen-Phillips Hall babe. I'm majoring in Neuroscience with the intent of going to medical school, and my minor is in Theology. I love learning about world religions and have taken some really cool classes about Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and had the time of my life! I've visited many countries and places (the picture is when I went to Lisbon), and I enjoy learning about new cultures and meeting new people. When I don't have my nose in a science textbook, I love being active and running around campus or just goofing around with the amazing friends I've met at Notre Dame. In regards to my extracurriculars, I am co-president of Timmy Global Health, and tutor for general and organic chemistry. I also volunteer at St. Joseph's Hospital and am on the Neuroscience Leadership Steering Committee. This year, I am also teaching catechesis through the Catechism Academy program to children in the South Bend community. I love to chat and know a lot about different opportunities on campus, so feel free to reach out. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone in the International Peer Mentor Program!

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: I love sitting on the quad and reading or studying. Also, I LIVE for the football games!

Molly Smith

Mentor Molly Smith

From: Traverse City, MI

Major: Economics, minor in Computing and Digital Technologies

Dorm: Ryan Hall

Clubs: Notre Dame Climbing Club, Arts and Letters Deans Fellows.

About me: I really enjoy new intercultural experiences and learning about life in other parts of the world - which are some of the reasons why I'm excited to be part of the Peer Mentoring Program. Plus, I know what it's like to be an international student because I've been one myself - first during high school in El Escorial, Spain, and second during college in Santiago, Chile. At Notre Dame, I can often be found at the climbing wall - I discovered climbing my freshman year at ND, and I've been climbing both inside and outside ever since. I love all things outdoors, doing yoga, seminar-style classes at Notre Dame, and reading books when I get the chance.

My favorite thing to do/place to be at ND: Late night dorm room chats with friends.