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Cultural Awareness & Respect

Cultural integration is the most important differentiator between being on the ground and reading about a place.

Being well versed in the local laws and customs for your country of travel is essential. Along with the U.S. Department of State’s country-specific information, the resources below can provide complementary overviews.

Cultural Immersion

  • Read about your host culture before arriving so you can engage with locals on various topics.
  • Immerse yourself in your country’s culture. Observe the locals, get involved with your university and meet students from your host country.
  • Share your own culture; locals will be curious to hear about your home country.

Respect Your Host Country

  • Learn the language, even if it's only a "hello" and "thank you" in your host country's language.
  • Learn the history to understand the country more deeply.
  • Try local food and converse with locals.
  • Watch and learn.

Sustainable Traveling

This video was created by a Notre Dame student for her senior project on sustainable traveling.