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Welcome Home!


Returning home can be a joyful time, but adjusting back to your life in the U.S. can also be challenging and stressful. Resources are available both on and off campus for you to help process your experience and make your readjustment positive.

Care Consultant Team

The Care Consultant Team provides support to Notre Dame students experiencing stress or difficult situations. Make an appointment with a Care Consultant.

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is a brief (15 minute) consultation with a mental health provider and is available to all current students. It is completely free and confidential and you don’t need an appointment.

University Health Services

Being proactive about your health will allow you the best impact for your Notre Dame experience. If you don’t feel well after international travel (or anytime), visit the University Health Center

Go Ask Alice, an online resource for specific health questions shared by Columbia University, also has helpful resources. 

Get Help

Emergency situations: call 911 immediately if you or someone you know is in imminent danger of hurting themselves or others.

Non-emergency situations: Warm Line is a non-emergency helpline that provides consultation to ND faculty and staff. Call (574) 631-7336 during business hours and ask for the Warm Line.