Preparing to Travel Abroad

More than 8 Weeks Prior to Travel

  • Passport: Often must  be valid for 3-6 months beyond intended dates of travel and contain a certain number of blank pages if a visa is required.
  • Vaccines: Many countries require vaccines or preventative medications well in advance of travel.
  • Visa: Enter your country of travel at the link provided and scroll down to determine entry, exit, and visa requirements. Vaccine requirements are also available here.
  • HR Benefits Abroad: Available to faculty/staff interested in semester travel or longer. Please coordinate with HR three months prior to your departure.

6 Weeks Prior to Travel

After Travel Approval (approximately 2-5 weeks before departure)

  • Travel Funding: Verify funding for proposed trip was received from applicable department.
  • Travel Bookings: Anthony Travel offers an on-campus travel agency to all University members. Faculty and staff should also consult TravelND.
  • Health/Medical Preparation: All undergraduates must have policy coverage through GeoBlue international health insurance, the University-preferred provider, for the duration of their travel.
    • Download: GeoBlue Member Guide 2018-19.  
    • Please note: there are exclusions to this policy, including:
      • Riding in any aircraft except as a passenger on a commercial or charter flight
      • Incidents that result from illegal activity or participation in a riot or civil demonstration
      • Scuba/skin diving, sky diving, hang gliding or bungee jumping
      • Further policy exclusions can be found in the GeoBlue Member Guide above

Different insurance resources are available for faculty/staff and graduate students traveling abroad.

Week before Departure

  • Cash: Inform your bank and credit card provider(s) about your travel plans. Develop a plan to obtain local currency immediately upon arrival.
  • Documents: Make copies of important documents (passport, visa, drivers license) and leave with a trusted individual prior to departure. Double check applicable international travel checklist: Student ChecklistParent Checklist
  • ND Services Login: Make sure you have a suitable device enrolled for Two Step Login that will enable you to authenticate to ND services while you are abroad. You can find details about suggested options at

Emergency Information