Preparing to Travel Abroad

More than 8 Weeks Prior to Travel

  • Passport: Often must  be valid for 3-6 months beyond intended dates of travel and contain a certain number of blank pages if a visa is required.
  • Vaccines: Many countries require vaccines or preventative medications well in advance of travel.
  • Visa: Enter your country of travel at the link provided and scroll down to determine entry, exit, and visa requirements. Vaccine requirements are also available here.
  • Travel Warning/Travel Alert Country Application: If you are planning travel to a country on the State Department’s list of Travel Warnings or Travel Alerts, please review NDI's Undergraduate International Travel Policy and begin travel application. Applications for exceptions to Travel Warning/Alert areas should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to travel. The Travel Review Committee meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. Students should submit their applications at least two days prior.
  • HR Benefits Abroad: Available to faculty/staff interested in semester travel or longer. Please coordinate with HR three months prior to your departure.

6 Weeks Prior to Travel

After Travel Approval (approximately 2-5 weeks before departure)

  • Travel Funding: Verify funding for proposed trip was received from applicable department.
  • Travel Bookings: Anthony Travel offers an on-campus travel agency to all University members. Faculty and staff should also consult TravelND.
  • Health/Medical Preparation: All undergraduates must have policy coverage through GeoBlue international health insurance, the University-preferred provider, for the duration of their travel.
    • Download: Geoblue Member Guide 2017-18.  
    • Please note: there are exclusions to this policy, including:
      • Riding in any aircraft except as a passenger on a commercial or charter flight
      • Incidents that result from illegal activity or participation in a riot or civil demonstration
      • Scuba/skin diving, sky diving, hang gliding or bungee jumping
      • Further policy exclusions can be found in the GeoBlue Member Guide above

Different insurance resources are available for faculty/staff and graduate students traveling abroad.

Week before Departure

  • Cash: Inform your bank and credit card provider(s) about your travel plans. Develop a plan to obtain local currency immediately upon arrival.
  • Documents: Make copies of important documents (passport, visa, drivers license) and leave with a trusted individual prior to departure. Double check applicable international travel checklist: Student ChecklistParent / Guardian Checklist

Emergency Information