Emergency Updates

September 23, 2017

We have confirmed all registered students, faculty, and staff in Mexico are safe after the seismic activity on September 23. Relatively common after a major earthquake such as the one on September 19, these aftershocks can be significant and can cause further damage. However, we have been in close communication with our Puebla study abroad program director who is traveling with the students, and she reports that all are safe.


September 20, 2017

In light of the September 19 earthquake in the Mexico City area, Notre Dame International has taken the following actions to ensure safety and accountability:

  • Our program director in Puebla was able to confirm safety of all students within two hours and the confirmation of safety notice was updated on our website.
  • Our study abroad program advisor communicated with students immediately, directing each student to confirm their safety with their family members. 
  • Across the area housing is being assessed and we are adjusting some student’s host families to ensure we optimize student safety.
  • Free counseling services are always available to students through their GeoBlue travel insurance, and we reminded students of this resource. 

In high alert situations, our staff is in close contact with local authorities to know when further action is needed. However, at times like these when information changes by the minute, our first priority is to be in contact with students, faculty, and staff in the area to provide direction and resources as they are needed. As such, we encourage you to reference this page for further updates.

Notre Dame remains committed to internationalization in all its manifestations and as such we have no plans at this point to curtail or cancel any programs abroad. We do, however, monitor world events diligently and will take whatever actions we deem necessary as circumstances arise to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff and to be sure our international education decisions are well grounded.

Contact NDI at (574) 339-6154 (accepts phone calls, text, and WhatsApp) with any questions or unique circumstances.