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The University of Notre Dame enjoys extraordinary worldwide presence, a good portion of which is mediated through its network of Global Gateways. The current five Global Gateways—located in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome—provide academic and intellectual hubs where scholars, students, and leaders from universities, government, business, and community gather to discuss, discover, and debate issues of topical and enduring relevance.

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More than 50 years of sending students to diverse regions around the world for life-changing learning experiences.



International students and scholars enhance campus diversity and cultural understanding. NDI works to support them in their transition to life in the U.S.



Cardinal Onaiyekan and Bishop Farrell to headline Notre Dame conference on interreligious and ecumenical dialogue

Author: Amanda Skofstad

The conference titled “The Whole is Greater than its Parts: Christian Unity and Interreligious Encounter Today” will be held at the University’s Rome Global Gateway Jan. 8-10. This is the second such international gathering hosted by Notre Dame’s World Religions World Church program.

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Remembering the ND Villa During Fascism - A testimony from Giacometta Limentani, a former student of the Jewish school

Author: Costanza Montanari


“Fra queste mura allievi e maestri ebrei italiani espulsi dalle scuole pubbliche dalle leggi razziali del 1938 trovarono accoglienza e crearono una scuola di eccezionale livello culturale e umano” (“Within these walls, Italian Jewish students and teachers, expelled from public schools by the racial laws of 1938, found a shelter and created a school of exceptional cultural and human level”), reads the plaque located at the entrance of the garden surrounding the Notre Dame Villa in Rome. The commemorative plaque was placed on November 24, 2008, 70 years after Italian racial laws during Fascism were promulgated.…

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