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The University of Notre Dame enjoys extraordinary worldwide presence, a good portion of which is mediated through its network of Global Gateways. The current six Global Gateways—located in Beijing, Chicago, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome—provide academic and intellectual hubs where scholars, students, and leaders from universities, government, business, and community gather to discuss, discover, and debate issues of topical and enduring relevance.

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Notre Dame and Oxford Connect over Tea with Lord Patten

Author: Emily Grassby

Notre Dame Tea with Lord Patten at University of Oxford

Four Notre Dame students currently studying at the University of Oxford were recently invited to meet Lord Patten of Barnes, chancellor of the University, alongside Warren von Eschenbach, assistant provost for Europe and director of the London Global Gateway, and Michael Hannigan, a Notre Dame alumnus (Arts and Letters and Law) who is pursuing a master’s degree in higher education at Oxford.…

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Responsible Data Governance in a Digital World: A proposal for a research partnership between the University of Notre Dame and Bocconi University

Location: Rome Global Gateway

July 2-3, 2015

The workshop is designed to elicit feedback and insights from senior IT leaders about the responsible use of digital information. The great availability of data made available through social media and other means should not dictate whether or not the data should be used, and how. The workshop builds on and advances an ongoing research aimed at better understanding the conditions under which IT leaders will "relax" their standards of acceptable use, a phenomenon that has been called "ethical slippage."…

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