About NDI


Advance Notre Dame through international education, research, and engagement worldwide.


Called by Notre Dame’s mission, ensure that we flourish as a global university.

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  • Education Abroad

NDI creates and oversees programs that enable students to undertake coursework, research, internships, and service in diverse regions around the world. It also administers the development of joint and dual-degree programs and exchanges in conjunction with departments, colleges, and schools.

  • Global Gateway Network

NDI oversees the Notre Dame Global Gateways and their regional networks, which are currently centered in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. The Gateways create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, and corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

  • Internationalization of Campus

NDI works to enhance campus diversity and cultural understanding by increasing the presence of international students and scholars on campus, and supporting them and their families with immigration services and cultural programs to assist in transitioning to life in the U.S.

  • International Faculty Collaborations and Exchanges

NDI supports short- and long-term faculty collaborative research with international partner universities through seed grant programs and through its Global Gateways. It also facilitates faculty exchange programs in conjunction with departments, schools, colleges, and institutes.

  • International Institutional Partnerships

NDI acts in the University’s interests in cultivating strategic collaborations with universities, governments, foundations, and corporations worldwide. These partnerships contribute to global recognition of Notre Dame’s excellence in teaching and research. NDI also hosts international delegations on campus and coordinates similar activities abroad.