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The Rome Global Gateway is located in Via Ostilia—in the heart of the Eternal City—one block from the Colosseum. The newly renovated, 32,000 square-foot facility serves as a hub supporting the academic, educational, and cultural mission of the University. The Gateway fosters research and graduate education and develops and maintains institutional relations with universities, educational foundations, and organizations in Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean, as well as with the Holy See. The Gateway also hosts and organizes a rich variety of education abroad opportunities for students.

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Irish Studies and English Professor Wins René Wellek Prize for ‘Languages of the Night’

Author: Arts and Letters


Barry McCrea, the Donald R. Keough Family Professor of Irish Studies and a professor of English, Irish language and literature, and Romance languages and literatures, has been awarded the René Wellek Prize by the American Comparative Literature Association for the best book in the past year in comparative literature.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Global issues in intervention development in contexts of political violence

Location: Rome Global Gateway

July 15-23, 2016

Violence in Palestine has been on-going and severe for many years, and there is a wealth of basic research on the negative effects of such violence on developing children and their family systems. Yet, there have been extraordinarily few interventions that have been rigorously evaluated and even fewer that have been able to demonstrate any positive effects on mental health. We propose that two theoretical frameworks – social ecological theory and emotional security theory – may be successfully leveraged for better identifying possible avenues for successful mental health programs in setting with chronic violence (Cummings & Miller-Graff, 2015). The conference will seek to: discuss the application of these theoretical models as they apply to mental health program development in Palestine, consider conceptualizations of resilience and well-being in the face of chronic trauma, and identify relevant intersections between systems that may require unique approaches to treatment.…

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Reframing 1916

Location: Rome Global Gateway

October 3-5, 2016

The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies has produced a landmark documentary 1916. The Irish Rebellion that presents the Easter Rising as a pivotal event in world history. As part of 20 similar events, in Reframing 1916, Notre Dame faculty will go to leading universities with an Irish Studies presence, as well as to the University's global gateways, to engage faculty and students in a scholarly response and reassessment of the seminal events of 1916.…

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