Rome facilities

The Rome Global Gateway is located in Via Ostilia—in the heart of the Eternal City—one block from the Colosseum. The newly renovated, 32,000 square-foot facility serves as a hub supporting the academic, educational, and cultural mission of the University by hosting and organizing a rich variety of education abroad opportunities for students. The Gateway also fosters research and graduate education and develops and maintains institutional relations with universities, educational foundations, and organizations in Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean, as well as with the Holy See. 

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Irish Studies and English Professor Wins René Wellek Prize for ‘Languages of the Night’

Author: Arts and Letters


Barry McCrea, the Donald R. Keough Family Professor of Irish Studies and a professor of English, Irish language and literature, and Romance languages and literatures, has been awarded the René Wellek Prize by the American Comparative Literature Association for the best book in the past year in comparative literature.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Making Democracy One's Own: Muslim, Catholic and Secular Perspectives in Dialogue on Democracy, Development and Peace

Location: Rome Global Gateway

May 30 - June 1st, 2016

Interreligious Dialogue and Democratic Engagement seeks to integrate new work on Catholic and Muslim politics within an interreligious dialogue perspective. In doing so, the conference seeks to theorize recent evolutions in Catholic, Muslim and secular projects of democratic modernity in the Mediterranean region and beyond. …

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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Ontology of Platonic Forms

Location: Rome Global Gateway

June 3 - 4, 2016

Central to Plato's mature metaphysics is his Theory of Forms, in which he embraces a class of abstract, mind- and language-independent entities held to be immutable paradigms capable of serving as stable objects of knowledge, in contrast to the shifting and variegated material objects in the world of sense particulars. Already in antiquity, Plato's student Aristotle decried the theory as fanciful, unacceptably metaphorical, and irredemiably vague. Aristotle also contended that Plato was liable to a devastating objection to the ontology of Forms, namely that Forms are both universals and particulars. One core question of this conference: is Aristotle right? One corollary question: what precisely are Forms? Another: do Plato's surviving texts provide any conclusive answer? …

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pre-College Study Abroad Rome Program

Location: Rome Global Gateway

June 7-20, 2016

This 12-day seminar introduces students to the history and culture of the Eternal City, with a focus on the built environment. Notre Dame faculty in a range of fields, from art history and architecture to anthropology, will provide students with an immersive experience and guide students in their exploration of the city. Students have the opportunity to visit many of Italy’s most revered cultural treasures and to participate in a rich cultural and intellectual exchange. The Global Gateway on Via Ostilia serves as the home for lectures and discussions, while Rome itself, with its rich assortment of monuments, museums and densely-textured, storied neighborhoods serves as the students’ true classroom. …

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