Student-Alumni Dinners

Location: London

Every spring and fall semester, the London Undergraduate Program works with the Notre Dame Club of United Kingdom - London to organise dinners for students with Notre Dame alumni. The dinners normally take place in the first half of the semester and there are various evenings to choose from, so that if any students have class outings, they may still be able attend. Students who sign up are entered into a lottery draw, as there are often more students than hosts available.
The Alumni-Student Dinners are an excellent opportunity for students to network with Americans working in various different sectors of London, however, they also allow students to meet people who have been in their situation and can offer advice, make recommendations, or swap stories. Others simply enjoy the dinners for the wonderful (often home-cooked) food and the friendly company.
Go to the London Global Gateway blog to hear about some first-hand experiences from previous students.

This semester's Student-Alumni Dinners will take place from February 2 to February 5, 2015.

Students will receive an email near the start of semester with full details of the dinners.  

View Student-Alumni Dinners Flyer (603k PDF)