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At Notre Dame International, our goal is twofold: We want to bring Notre Dame to the world, and to bring the world to Notre Dame. That goal is most successfully achieved by our students.

Our undergraduates are quick to explore the world. They flock to our 48 semester, summer, and year-long study abroad programs. There, they are inquisitive. They are adventurous. They are compassionate. Beyond class, they find internships, research opportunities, service projects, all of which open their eyes and their hearts to the world, its people, and its challenges. They return to campus with wisdom, drive, and curiosity, and they pass those attributes, along with their own stories, to friends, professors, and roommates, thus enriching our campus.

Meanwhile, our international scholars bring their diverse upbringings, cultural traditions, world views, and religious beliefs, to campus and share it with those around them. These students – undergraduate, graduate, and high school – unintentionally shape and educate those around them during their time on campus. They make campus a richer, more complex place better equipped to wrestle with the challenges of the world. In turn, we hope they leave with knowledge and curiosity inspired by  Notre Dame’s values and aspirations. And we hope they take what they learn here and spread it within their communities and countries.

At NDI, we believe all our students have the opportunity to go further. We’re here to make it possible.

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Global Engagement Programs

If you're looking to explore what Notre Dame has to offer, look no further than NDI's short-term programs. These programs, ranging from a few days to several weeks, allow international high school, undergraduate, or graduate students a peek into life at Notre Dame.

50 hours of campus tours

30 airport pickups and dropoffs to and from O'Hare airport

7,000 miles driven during activities

300 participants from 28 countries

14-50 age range of participants

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International Students and Scholars

Since 1850, Notre Dame has drawn international scholars from around the globe into the shadow of the Dome. Join our more than 36,000 international students who have studied, learned, and grown here on campus.

525+ generated I-20 forms

400+ students on Optional Practical Training (OPT)

36,637 international students at Notre Dame since 1842

1700+ international students and scholars on campus

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

If you're an undergraduate ready to go further, to explore, to question, to open your aperture, and to become a global citizen, our study abroad programs can offer you limitless opportunities to see the world. With 48 programs across 26 countries, you are sure to find a program that will provide a transformational experience.

1173 students participating on study abroad programs in 2017-18

52 semester and year-long study abroad programs

16 summer study abroad programs

26 countries represented in study abroad programs

75.2% undergraduate participation in credit-bearing programs abroad

Student Scholars

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Pedro Navarro

Chemical engineering, undergraduateSão Paulo, Brazil

Pedro Navarro was introduced to Notre Dame by a group of alumni who came to his high school to discuss opportunities for summer and undergraduate programs. When he was admitted to the iLED program, he boarded his first plane to begin the program.

“iLED was really a dream during those two weeks. The University was more stunning than anything I had ever seen. The community, faculty, and all students were extremely friendly and welcoming. I had the chance to take classes such as engineering and business—I would have never known I’d have that much fun with the latter—and many other classes including architecture, where we got to visit incredible Chicago. The leadership workshops were really inspiring and thoughtful, and somehow motivated me to come back to Brazil willing to start a project of impact here and, especially, study at Notre Dame in the future.”

Pedro is now a chemical engineering student at Notre Dame. He intends to return to Brazil after graduation to work with energy, fuels, and technology. Since his iLED experience, several students from his high school have followed and also intend to apply to Notre Dame.

Lauren Kaye

Lauren Kaye

Neuroscience and BehaviorSantiago, Chile

“During my short semester I was able to backpack in Patagonia, sandboard in the Atacama Desert, horseback in the Andes, and dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean. Chile truly is a land of natural extremes and there was no shortage of adventure. Yet my day to day life in Santiago also provided me with many smaller adventures; from figuring out how to print an essay, to missing my metro stop and discovering a new part of the city. Each new day offered a new opportunity to learn that didn’t necessarily stem from the classroom. During my semester my professors taught me the intricacies of the Chilean history and culture, my host mom kept me up to date on current events in country, my classmates taught me Chilean slang, and my Uber drivers even offered me new perspectives on American politics. I was able to improve my Spanish and use a new language to form friendships and to fully embrace each new adventure that was thrown my way.”


Lawrenzo Howell

Sociology, education, schooling & societyLondon, England; Internship: Saint John Bosco College

On top of the rigorous London study abroad curriculum, Lorenzo Howell was accepted into an internship with St John Bosco College, a state-funded college preparatory school outside central London. Howell, a product of a failing, inner-city school, was eager to experience the British education system and to work in a school who was tackling issues like social and economic inequality. While interning with a history teacher there, he was encouraged to create a curriculum that pertained to his interests.

“I was able to design curriculum that touched on history, but also race, violence, poverty, policing and the justice system,” he says, noting the students were particularly interested in the differences between England and America.

In addition to teaching four classes throughout the semester, he also served as teacher’s aide, helped grade papers, and printed educational materials, all valuable skills for the aspiring public school teacher.

“Taking on that internship definitely elevated my resume,” he says. “If I want to go into teaching, to be able to say I have experience with making a curriculum, or I have experience with being in the classroom, definitely makes me a more valuable candidate.