Travel & Safety

Plan Further

As you travel to new places with Notre Dame International, we want to make sure you’re prepared and confident as you explore further. From pre-departure training, to travel registrations, to 24/7 crisis support, our team will ensure you have a plan to tackle the most common challenges you may face abroad.

Each year, NDI supports more than 2,500 undergraduate and 3,000 faculty and staff trips abroad. With a full-time international travel and safety professional, NDI ensures every Notre Dame traveler is equipped for global travel. NDI’s renowned training portfolio is tailored to prepare students, faculty, and staff for some of the most common challenges they may face abroad, while online travel registrations and 24/7 crisis support are also available in case of emergency.

Notre Dame International’s travel, health, and safety resources help support international travelers in making well-informed decisions that benefit the Notre Dame community worldwide.


2,500 undergraduate travelers, annually

3,000 faculty and staff trips

1 of 4 institutions providing in-person safety training to undergraduates

2,856 students, faculty, and staff receive pre-departure international travel orientations, annually