Roma. Itinerari Eterni.


Location: Rome Global Gateway

The Centro Culturale Roma, in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame and John Cabot University, will host "Roma: Itinerari Eterni," a conversation with Italian writer Marco Lodoli and professor Ingrid D. Rowland on their experiences in the Eternal City.

Lodoli, a native of Rome, is a journalist and the author or editor of many books. He wrote Isole and Nuove Isole, "vagabond guides" of lesser-known places in Rome, like antique bars in Rome's center and artisans' businesses on Via Poggio Mirteto. Rowland, an expert on the classical, Renaissance and Baroque periods, contributes to the New York Review of Books and has written books on subjects as wide-ranging as Renaissance culture, the letters of Agostino Chigi and the life of friar and philosopher Giordano Bruno. She lives in Rome and teaches at Notre Dame.

These two writers passionate about Rome will talk of their experiences here - what brought them to write and study in Rome, what Europe and the U.S. think of each other, and how we can look at Rome with new eyes.