Current Trends on Latin American Studies: Expanding the Field


Location: University of Notre Dame in England

Lm Talk

'Expanding the Field: Visual and Material Sources in Latin American Research'

Keynote: Luciana Martins (Birkbeck)
Respondent: Helen Melling (Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London)

How do we find agency beyond the realms of authorship in the colonial archive? Exploring the visual archive of the Kadiwéu indigenous group across a range of media - drawing, photography and film - as both material traces of past and as material objects, this talk will re-trace the multiple transformations of the Kadiwéu body-painting. As inscriptions on skins transformed into archaeological and ethnographic evidence in the work of Guido Boggiani and Claude Lévi-Strauss, they were rendered into pencil drawings on paper, chemical impressions on negative glass plates, printed lines on book pages, real-photo postcards. Furthermore, the talk will investigate how the Kadiwéu patterns initially recorded by Boggiani in the late nineteenth century have been re-inscribed into their cultural heritage today, helping to substantiate claims of the relevance of their culture and ancestral occupation of the land.

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