The Use of Violence to Suppress Freedom of Speech and Impede Democracy Symposium


Location: Universidade de São Paulo Law School

You are cordially invited to a Symposium on the “The Use of Violence to Suppress Freedom of Speech and Impede Democracy” hosted by the University of Notre Dame and the University of São Paulo.

The Symposium has as its goal to shed light on the problems of violence and social media attacks as used against journalists, human rights defenders and defenders of the environment. We wish to articulate the threat that such measures create for a healthy democracy and for the future of democracy in Brazil.  The symposium will bring together an array of experienced and knowledgeable experts in these matters so that they can share their views on the problems these acts create and how we might be best able to address them, ensuring a strong democracy with equal opportunity to participate for all Brazilians. We will bring together experts from the fields of academia, law enforcement, journalism, human rights and environmental organizations and government.

The Symposium consists of four interactive panels opened to questions at the end and focused on violence against journalists, the social media role and cyber-attack, human right and environmental defenders’ attacks and the threaten of a healthy democracy where all these intercepts.

A complete agenda and Symposium website will be forthcoming.

The event will take place on November, 8, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the following address: 

Universidade de São Paulo Law School, Largo São Francisco, 95, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, Rui Barbosa Auditorium, 2nd floor.

To register, please click here.