Global Centers

A Global Center is a focused and intensive means for academic and cultural exchange encompassing a more defined geographical area than the Global Gateways. Global Centers offer more focused academic programs; involve faculty members on an ongoing basis from select disciplines; host or organize a specific range of academic conferences and events; and represent the University to academic partners, governments, foundations, corporations, international and community-based organizations, and the community of alumni and parents primarily in that location.

Notre Dame International has six Global Centers: Santiago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and at Kylemore Abbey in western Ireland.

Hong Kong, China

The Hong Kong Global Center, established in 2014, supports Notre Dame’s initiatives in Asia. The Center hosts international study programs, summer internships, Global Forum, and various admission events. The Global Center also facilitates collaborations with universities, corporations, alumni, and parents. 

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

The Notre Dame Centre at Kylemore links with the Dublin Gateway to dynamically broaden Notre Dame’s engagement within Ireland and foster international connectivity as well as serve as a conduit between campus and the wider European and American university network. Program activities at Kylemore are comprised of courses, retreats, and cultural opportunities that enliven our students’ experience and enhance Notre Dame’s mission in Ireland.

Mexico City, Mexico

The mission of the Mexico City Global Center, established in September 2016, is to develop initiatives for sharing of ideas, collaborative research, student-faculty exchanges, and cultural understanding between Mexican educational and cultural institutions and the University of Notre Dame.

Mumbai, India

The Mumbai Global Center was established in January 2016. The work of the Center is to develop new partnerships in India for the University and to engage with Indian universities, high schools, corporations, and government organizations to enhance the international experience of our students, and extend the global reach of faculty research and scholarship.

Santiago, Chile

São Paulo, Brazil

The São Paulo Global Center is the base for expanding the University’s academic programs and collaborations with universities, corporations, foundations, and government organizations throughout South America.  It promotes activities that advance the mission and raise the profile of the University in Brazil and the region.