Andy Steves Travel Workshop: How to Customize Your Trips and Explore Deeper Travel

Author: Emily Grassby

Andy Steves Presenting at LGG

On Wednesday, September 3, Andy Steves (Notre Dame 2010 alumnus) returned to the London Global Gateway’s Fischer Hall to hold a travel workshop for students about traveling around Europe and making the most of new cultures.
Andy, who is the son of travel guru Rick Steves and who studied in Rome in 2008, has a long history of traveling and even set up his business – Weekend Student Adventures (WSA Europe) – after backpacking around Europe with a friend. 
Using a variety of photos and film footage of momentous memorable occasions, such as the Tour de France and taking a road trip up a mountain with newfound Belgian and Korean friends, he gave students advice on customizing their adventures and experiencing “deeper travel”:
1.     Embrace cultural differences with open arms – you might learn a thing or two that you take back to the homeland.
2.     Chase down your interests and dreams wherever you are in the world, and make new and diverse friendships.
3.     Have the confidence to go off the beaten track and explore (safe looking) areas away from the main traps for a more authentic experience
4.     Forget just taking photo after photo - interact with the locals for a richer experience.

Andy Steves Presenting at LGG 2

Next, Steves moved onto the practical issues of traveling, at which point pens, notepads, and tablets came out across the room!  He spoke about transport (budget airlines and considering when to fly), accommodation (how to narrow down your selection and make a choice), money (how to pay and factoring in all the costs of your trip), ways to stay in touch, and staying safe.
The workshop came to an end with the history and an overview of WSA Europe who provide students with “Flashpacking” adventures, top hostels and local guides, skip-the-line sightseeing, unique experiences, and even DIY “detour” guides.
Contact: Emily Grassby, Communications and Planning Specialist for the London Global Gateway