Catch up: Brexit

Author: Rina Buznea

EU And UK Flags

What will Brexit mean for the future of UK trade? On November 7, 2016, we discussed with experts: 

  • Roger Alford, London Global Gateway
  • Lorand Bartels, University of Cambridge
  • Meredith Crowley, University of Cambridge
  • Piet Eeckhout, University College London
  • Jennifer Hillman, Georgetown University
  • Rob Howse, New York University
  • Simon Lester, Cato Institute
  • Sophie Robin-Olivier, Paris II-Sorbonne

Catch up now on these three discussions - part of the London Global Gateway's Student-Alumni Lecture Series. Now in its 10th year, the series brings together Notre Dame students, alumni, and leaders in academia and business from around the world to discuss topical issues.