Notre Dame's VP and Chief Investment Officer gives Seventh Annual Alumni-Student London Lecture

Author: Emily Grassby


Scott Malpass, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for the University of Notre Dame, presented the seventh annual Notre Dame Alumni-Student London Lecture at the London Global Gateway on April 3, 2014.  The events was cosponsored by Notre Dame International and the Notre Dame Club of United Kingdom – London to bring together Notre Dame students, alumni, and leaders in academia and business from around the world.
In his talk entitled The Notre Dame Endowment – The Challenges of Being a Global Investor in an Uncertain World, Malpass discussed his interest in the importance of endowments to universities, as well as Notre Dame’s endowment mission and the important activities and initiatives it supports.  He also examined the changing economy over the past few decades and its impact on endowment returns, stating that currently it is “the most challenging time for investors in history so far”.
The lecture was followed by a Q&A session in which Malpass was asked about partnerships and future investment opportunities, the process of investing and allocation, and investment rules for Catholic institutions.
Bob Conway, a Trustee at Notre Dame, and Conrad Engelhardt, lecture coordinator for the alumni club, attended the lecture along with other members of the alumni club and Notre Dame students.  Engelhardt commented, “it was insightful to see how an institution like Notre Dame balances the responsibilities of being a Catholic University and a globally significant investor through its endowment to deliver consistent investment returns.  It was amazing to see how Scott and his team have been so successful for 25 years.”
Contact: Emily Grassby, Communications and Planning Specialist for London Global Gateway,
Image ©University of Notre Dame London Global Gateway