Baseel Ajrab

IT Officer


Baseel Ajrab holds a Bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity from The Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics in Ukraine, where he developed his expertise in safeguarding digital landscapes. With a passion for securing online environments, Baseel embarked on his professional journey at a German startup company, NO MONKEY GmbH. During his tenure, Baseel started as an Information Security Intern before becoming a dedicated Security Service Provider.

At Jerusalem Global Gateway, Baseel exhibits a multifaceted skill set, contributing to the ADAM Program’s Tech team and actively engaging in tasks related to maintaining a secure IT infrastructure: from account management and user onboarding, hardware repair, to data security and privacy.

Given his strong foundation in cybersecurity, Baseel is prepared to take on the challenges of today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. His commitment to a collaborative approach and dedication to ensuring a safe IT environment makes him a valuable asset to our tech team. Baseel Ajrab is poised to make a lasting impact in his field by enhancing digital security in an ever-changing world.