Ndi About Committees 3

Councils and Committees

Notre Dame International works in collaboration with committees that engage University faculty, students, and administrators.

Chesterton Faculty Advisory Committee

The Chesterton Faculty Advisory Committee advises on the academic value of the G.K. Chesterton Collection and provides direction regarding programming, partnerships, and future trajectories.

Contact: Geraldine Meehan (574) 631-7742 or via email

Committee Members:
  • James Lies. C.S.C. (Chair) - London Global Gateway
  • David W. Fagerberg - Theology
  • Felipe Fernandez-Armesto - History
  • Leonard DeLorenzo - McGrath Institute for Church Life
  • Louis Jordan - Hesburgh Libraries
  • Geraldine Meehan - Notre Dame International
  • Jonathan Noble - Notre Dame International

Latin America and Caribbean Advisory Council

The mission of the University of Notre Dame Advisory Councils’ program is to support the University’s providential mission to be a great Catholic university by involving alumni, parents, and friends in the life of the University.

Contact: Catherine Wilson (574) 631-1151 or via email

Committee Members:
  • Dr. Michael E. Pippenger
  • Mr. Ignacio Aranguren T.
  • Mr. James M. Aviles
  • Mr. Brian C. Brisson
  • Mr. Juan E. Cintron, Jr.
  • Mrs. Maria T. Cintron Magennis
  • Amb. James F. Creagan
  • Dr. Juan José Daboub
  • Mr. Raul A. Endara, II
  • Mr. Jośe. E. Esteve (Chair)
  • Mr. Juan Raul Humbert
  • Mr. Gilberto M. Marxuach, PE
  • Mr. Edward C. McGrath
  • Mr. Rogelio A. Miró Mueller
  • Ms. Ximena M. Navarro
  • Mr. Rodrigo J. Perera Pacas
  • Mr. Carlos M. Sacasa
  • The Honorable Juan B. Sacasa
  • Dr. M. Alejandra Segura

University Committee on Internationalization 

The University Committee on Internationalization provides a forum for deliberations involving the wider University community in Notre Dame’s international activities, including foreign study programs, faculty and student exchanges, foreign language study, library resources, faculty development, and curricular and extracurricular international activities. Initiatives, ideas, and goals are discussed by this group and its advice solicited by those responsible for international activities.

Contact: Suzanne Wilson (574) 631-0440 or via email

Committee Members:
  • Michael E. Pippenger (Chair)
  • Roger Alford - Law
  • R. Scott Appleby  – Marilyn Keough Dean of Keough School for Global Affairs
  • Giles Duffield - Biological Sciences
  • Ann Garcia-Romero - Film, Television, and Theater
  • Ian Kuijt - Anthropology
  • Erin McDonnell  – Sociology
  • Daewon Sun - IT, Analytics, and Operations
  • Alexandros Taflanidis - Engineering 
  • Jennifer Tank  – Biological Sciences
  • Ann Tenbrunsel  – Management and Organization
  • Jordan Theriault '22 - Chemistry
  • Aimee Gladys Umunyana '21 - Science Business
  • Neeta Verma - Art, Art History and Design
  • Samir Younes  – Architecture