Claudia Quaglieri

Associate Director International Facilities and Rome Facility Manager


As Associate Director International Facilities and Rome Facility Manager, Claudia Quaglieri manages the operations and finance of the five Global Gateways and the Kylemore Global Center. Her responsibility is to ensure that the buildings and their spaces are safe, efficient and in excellent condition through the planning of preventive interventions and the design of major annual projects. Additionally, she takes care of the international health and safety procedures and of the design of new sustainability practices.

Claudia joined the Notre Dame International team in January 2018 as Assistant to the Senior Accountant at the Rome Global Gateway.

In July 2019, she started working as Assistant to the Director of International Facilities, supporting the supervision of both technical and financial aspects of the European facilities in Rome, London, Dublin and Kylemore.

In July 2021, Quaglieri was appointed Rome Facility Manager and is responsible for the buildings operativity, the management and compliance of Health & Safety procedures and the buildings’ financial planning.

Quaglieri graduated with a degree in literature and spent her Erasmus program at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. She holds two M.A.s, in Europrojects’ planning and journalism and two courses with IFMA Italia Primer and Advanced Facility Management.