Miranda Ma

Advisor for Asia Programs

Main Campus

My role: I work with our team in Asia to establish and maintain university partnerships, and build collaborations between the Beijing Global Gateway and campus units. I create and maintain programs to encourage exchanges between Notre Dame and Asia. I established and manage the Greater China Scholars Program and the Notre Dame-China Scholarship Council Joint Scholarship Program to attract talented students from China. I serve as the on-campus liaison for the Beijing Global Gateway and Asia staff, and assist with Beijing Global Gateway and Asia-related communications. 

Why I find my work important: My work enhances the visibility of both Notre Dame in Asia and the Beijing Gateway on campus. It enables greater mobility in both directions, supports the campus internationalization and diversity efforts, and develops more opportunities for the Notre Dame community in Asia.

Professional background: From 2004-10 I worked at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, focused on short-term programs, internships, service-learning programs, and student development. In 2011 I began managing the operations of the Beijing Global Gateway, and transitioned to Notre Dame’s campus in Indiana in 2015 to serve as the advisor for Asia Programs.

I have a master’s degree in economics from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.