Norbert Pletka

Conway Hall Building Manager


Norbert Pletka joined the London Global Gateway as a Caretaker at Fischer Hall in 2010. He was promoted to Conway Hall Facilities Manager in 2017. In this managerial role, he works closely with Facilities Team, supporting the Facilities Director in new developments, and projects. Pletka is responsible for managing Conway Hall, including maintenance, security, cleaning schedules, and general operations. He works to strengthen the University's existing Health and Safety strategy. He also works closely with London Program Specialist, to execute accommodation projects for international visitors.

Pletka previously worked in the hospitality industry for many years as a Concierge, and before this earned an Engineering Technician qualification. Currently, he is working towards his Health and Safety Officer qualification.

Born in Hungary, Pletka has lived in England for most of his adult life. He and his wife, Indre, are very proud parents to two beautiful children. In his time off, Pletka enjoys taking part in all sorts of outdoor activities with his family.