Patrick Schmitz

Campus Minister


Patrick Schmitz graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2014 with a B.A. in English with a supplemental major in Theology. He also worked with the Alliance for Catholic Education, earning his M.Ed, while teaching high school English and religion outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After years of teaching a blended curriculum of English, literature, and religion to middle schoolers in Pensacola, Florida, Patrick has returned to the Dublin Global Gateway to serve as the Campus Minister at O’Connell House while working toward his M.Phil. in Children's Literature at Trinity College Dublin.

As Campus Minister, Patrick provides spiritual guidance, faith leadership, and pastoral support for our students throughout their time in Dublin. Fostering an appreciation of faith and culture, he works to build a community that integrates faith into encounters with each other and engagement with Irish society.

Originally from New York, Patrick appreciates the liveliness of Dublin and its literary history. He is also excited to engage in the rich literary and artistic culture for children with organizations such as The Ark and Children's Books Ireland. In his spare time, Patrick loves rollerblading, swimming, and attending concerts.