Jasmine Mitchell

Email: jmitch23@nd.edu

Why did you opt to serve as a Senior Fellow for Internationalization?

After an exciting series of experiences studying in Ireland and London, my passion for learning and engaging with diverse cultures led me to pursue the Senior Fellow for Internationalization at Notre Dame. I am driven by the desire to educate fellow scholars about the fantastic opportunities the university offers for studying abroad. Notre Dame's extensive international presence impresses me, and I aim to contribute to making students on campus aware of the boundless prospects available to them overseas.

Furthermore, I strongly believe in celebrating Notre Dame's distinctive and diverse student body and faculty, representing various international cultures. I am enthusiastic about participating in initiatives that highlight the richness of our university's international community. Most importantly, I am determined to help create an environment where every student at Notre Dame feels a sense of belonging and home.

Talk about your international experiences and why they are important. How have they served you (academically, personally, professionally, etc).

I firmly believe that international exposure plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive growth of a college student within a university setting. This exposure opens doors to diverse cultures and their rich traditions, which can be highly relevant in an academic environment characterized by a varied student populace, as well as in future careers that demand collaboration within multicultural teams and the provision of services on a global scale.

During the previous summer, I had the honor of participating in the Irish Internship Programme, meticulously organized by Notre Dame Dublin Global Gateway. Over eight weeks, I engaged in independent research centered around Dublin's housing crisis. Additionally, I had the privilege of embarking on weekend excursions, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland alongside fellow students and esteemed faculty members from Notre Dame. This immersive experience enriched both my academic and professional facets, enabling me to deeply delve into the subject of housing insecurity within an international context. I fostered connections with local experts, tapping into their invaluable insights and expertise on the matter at hand.

After my remarkable journey in Ireland, I embarked on a study abroad program in London, where I partook in courses facilitated by Notre Dame while immersing myself in the dynamic and bustling streets of the city. These moments have significantly contributed to my holistic development during my time at Notre Dame. Academically, I gained an intimate understanding of the vibrant UK culture through classroom engagement, literary exploration, and a series of enriching field trips to significant landmarks and cultural events.

Why do you think it's important to focus on internationalization at the University of Notre Dame?

I believe that Notre Dame ought to prioritize internationalization, as it plays a foundational role in shaping students' academic, personal, and professional growth. In the realm of academics, Notre Dame's global initiatives expose students to a range of cultures and their respective traditions. This exposure facilitates the acquisition of diverse perspectives, allowing students to approach their studies within an international framework. Engaging in overseas studies and interacting with a varied student body and faculty equips students with the skills to appreciate cultural differences, an ability that holds significance for both their personal development and future careers.