Lucero Chena


Why did you opt to serve as a Senior Fellow for Internationalization?

I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a multicultural household filled with diverse traditions and cultures. Growing up in this environment allowed me to see how different cultures can come together in beautiful harmony to share different perspectives and customs. These experiences fueled me to learn about even more cultures and encouraged me to travel and study abroad. My goal as a Senior Fellow is to help other students discover the wonderful opportunities and resources available at Notre Dame for those interested in immersing themselves in a different culture while also assisting international students as they find their new home at Notre Dame.

Talk about your international experiences and why they are important. How have they served you (academically, personally, professionally, etc).

During my childhood, my international experiences and multicultural home environment played an important role in shaping my identity and taught me to keep an open mind as I learned about different perspectives. I have been fortunate enough to continue to learn about what the world has to offer because of my personal travels and study abroad program in London. These experiences helped fuel a sense of independence as I navigated a foreign environment and also improved my communication and teamwork skills. During my time in London, I had the opportunity to participate in a brain trauma injury lab which was vital in growing not only my critical thinking and problem solving skills but also taught me about equity in healthcare as we helped patients from different backgrounds find their best path to recovery.

Why do you think it's important to focus on internationalization at the University of Notre Dame?

Internationalization at Notre Dame is important because there is a lot to learn from other countries and cultures. Both the international opportunities and the diverse community at Notre Dame can expose students to different perspectives and ideas that will help them grow academically, professionally, and personally. Exposing students to the diversity of the world around them will also help increase their cultural understanding and cultivate a respectful and welcoming environment for the students and staff of Notre Dame.