ND – UC|Chile Luksic Scholars Joint Research Awardees

2022 Awardees

Carlson, Clinton (ND)
Ramírez, Rodrigo (UC|Chile)

Departments: Art, Art History & Design (ND); School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies (UC|Chile)
Research: Design for Disaster Response: Improving Communication Before, During, and After Emergencies

Da, Zhi (ND)
Larrain, Borja (UC|Chile)

Departments: Finance (ND); Escuela de Administración (UC|Chile)
Research: The Economics of Withdrawals in the Chilean Pension System

Go, David (ND)
Veloso, Felipe (UC|Chile)

Departments: Aerospace and Mechanical (ND); Physics Instittue (UC|Chile)
Research: Collaborative ND-UC|Chile research to improve understanding of highly reactive species in plasma-liquid interfaces.

Hakim Javadi, Nooshin (ND)
Cádiz, Rodrigo F.  (UC|Chile) 

Departments: Art, Art History & Design (ND); Music institute / Electrical Engineering (UC|Chile)
Research: Diatomic Variations: The Occurrence of Sounds from the Fossilized Past

Kuno, Masaru K. (ND)
Barrientos-Poblete, Lorena (UC|Chile)

Departments: Chemistry and Biochemistry (ND); School of Chemistry (UC|Chile)
Research: Green hydrogen generation using material heterostructures

Nerenberg, Robert (ND)
Vargas, Ignacio T. (UC|Chile)

Departments: Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (ND); Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (UC|Chile)
Research: Climate Change and Tap Water Safety: Developing Mathematical Models to Predict and Mitigate Health Effects

Rocha, Adrian V. (ND)
Gaxiola Alcantar, Aurora (UC|Chile)

Departments: Biological Sciences (ND); Programa de Doctorado en Ciencias Biologicas UC (UC|Chile)
Research: Improving predictions of drought impacts on Chilean forests

Sedmak, Clemens (ND)
de Campos, Thana C. (UC|Chile)

Departments: Keough School of Global Affairs (ND); Escuela de Gobierno (UC|Chile)
Research: Institutions of Care for Integral Human Development

Stelle Garnett, Nicole (ND)
Celis Brunet, Ana María (UC|Chile)

Departments: Law School (ND); Law School (Facultad de Derecho) (UC|Chile)
Research: Educational Pluralism and the Common Good in Latin America