Mexico Faculty Grant

Mexico Faculty Grant Program

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PLEASE NOTE: While international travel, in support of the Mexico Faculty Grant Program research, is an appropriate budgetary expense, travel, however, will not be permitted until the current COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted. See for guidance.

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Through the generous support of University benefactors, Notre Dame International is providing funding to build, sustain, and encourage academic and research collaboration (research projects, faculty and graduate student exchange, conferences, seminars, etc.) with leading universities in Mexico, especially Tec de Monterrey, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Panamericana, and Iberoamericana. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and projects will be offered administrative and logistical support through the Notre Dame Mexico City Global Center.

This grant program supports the University’s broader strategy to engage Mexico and Latin America by building upon existing partnerships and creating new opportunities for research, scholarship, and graduate training. As Fr. Jenkins noted during his trip to Mexico in July 2016, “The University of Notre Dame’s ties to Mexico reach back for more than a century. Notre Dame is excited by the promise of innovation and applied research in collaboration with Mexican business and universities. Notre Dame’s mission, and that of our partners in Mexico, is to produce future leaders armed to resist evil, trained to excel… [and] prepared always to do good in the world. [The] compass at Notre Dame now points south… it is critical for higher education… critical for the future of the Catholic Church… critical to confronting economic and social issues of the Americas. In short, Mexico is indispensable.”

Grant Awardees

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Eligibility/Grant Requirements

Full-time regular members of the Notre Dame faculty, library faculty, and special professional faculty are eligible to apply. Notre Dame staff members leading programs relevant to the goals of increasing collaboration with institutions in Mexico may also submit a proposal.


Individual grants will not normally exceed $10,000, although large team-based proposals may request up to $20,000. The Grants Review Committee will consider proposals for any amount up to these figures.

Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate other sources of funding or cost sharing which will complement the Mexico Faculty Grant Program funds. If there is cost-sharing, it should be ensured that expenses are mutually exclusive across funding sources.

Funding is available for a variety of collaborative ventures, but preference will be given to those that promote ongoing relationships between Notre Dame and Mexico and will have a measurable impact both on the local community and in increasing Notre Dame’s engagement with and understanding of Mexico. The types of collaborations might include but are not limited to the following:

  • Initiating collaborative research projects (travel, research costs, etc.)
  • Sponsoring or attending research conferences and workshops hosted in Mexico
  • Sponsoring educational ventures (faculty and staff exchanges, workshops, etc.)
  • Notre Dame graduate research assistant and postdoctoral fellow stipends and benefits (graduate and undergraduate student assistants must be involved in the faculty fellow’s collaborative research and writing in ways that contribute to the student’s intellectual formation)

Awards will not support clerical or secretarial help. Awards may support expenses incurred only at Notre Dame or by Notre Dame faculty and staff (e.g. hiring of research assistants employed by and working at Mexican universities will generally not be funded through the Notre Dame grant program).

Application Guidelines

To request funding from the Mexico Faculty Grant Program, please submit a proposal written in clear, non-technical language to Notre Dame International's submissions manager.  Each proposal must include the following items:

  • Proposal title, project director (PD) name, department/center/institute affiliation, phone, email, co-PD name(s) if appropriate.
  • Abstract of the proposed project (one paragraph)
  • Description of the proposed project (three-page maximum, single spaced), including:
    • The objective of the project
    • Background, previous work and/or motivation as appropriate
    • Project approach and methods
    • Anticipated outcomes, including how the project will promote collaboration between Notre Dame and Mexican institutions
    • Anticipated time schedule
  • Budget and budget justification: supply detailed budget identifying and explaining all anticipated expenditures
    • Fully justify any proposed travel
    • Description of other funds secured or applied for
    • Budget Template
  • Letter from department chair or dean stating that the department or college is supportive of the proposal and has approved its impact on staffing, resources, etc.
  • Letter from Mexican collaborator indicating their willingness and ability to participate in the proposed collaborative initiative
  • Curriculum vitae: (2-page maximum, current) for each faculty member listed on the cover sheet as project director; if postdocs, graduate students and/or undergraduates are included in the project as collaborators, describe their qualifications

Criteria for evaluating proposals

A faculty-led review committee will use the following criteria to evaluate proposals:

  • Quality of the proposal, including its potential for new or sustainable collaboration between Notre Dame and Mexico, on research, and/or on the education and training of students
  • Potential for academic publication
  • Reach: breadth and depth of impact of the proposed project
  • Consistency with Notre Dame strategic goals and mission
  • Budgetary appropriateness

Follow-up Report and Requirements

  • Successful applicants are required to submit a final report no later than one month after the end date of the award. The report should include:
    • A summary of the activities funded by the award and significant results achieved, including evidence that the project contributed to the collaboration between Notre Dame and Mexico
    • Any publications or manuscripts resulting from the award
    • Pictures, if applicable, are welcome
  • Successful applicants are required to make a brief oral presentation, at an event hosted by NDI, on the outcome of the research with collaborators in Mexico following the end of the grant period
  • Submit brief updates (and pictures, if applicable) of any development related to the grant funding that is newsworthy (e.g. conference, launch of new program), including any relevant feedback from Mexican collaborators
  • Reference the Notre Dame Mexico Faculty Grant Program award in any relevant publications


For more information about NDI’s faculty engagement and research programs, please contact:

Geraldine Meehan
Director, Faculty Development and Global Gateways
Notre Dame International
Phone:  574 631-7742